Pera Finance: The First Daily and Decentralized Trading Competition in the DeFi Space 

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Pera Finance: The First Daily and Decentralized Trading Competition in the DeFi Space 
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Pera Finance is a multi-layered and sustainable trading & yield farming protocol integrated with a fully-decentralized daily trading competition.

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market which according to CoinGecko is worth over $138 billion [at the time of writing], has become one of the most profitable ways for investors to earn passive income. The advent of these protocols means that anyone can simply stake or lock up a certain amount of digital assets in a liquidity pool and earn rewards each time these funds are borrowed.

Currently experiencing a massive boom with over $77 billion worth of coins locked in various protocols, the decentralized finance space is problem-plagued. These problems could stunt possible future growth.

First on the list of sticking points facing this industry is the lack of rewards for traders:

  1. For any project in the crypto space to gain liquidity, traders are requisite. It is non-negotiable. They attract liquidity to the project, hence making them perfect staking protocols for investors. Although key players in the growth of these protocols, traders are, unfortunately, not rewarded.
  2. Besides that, most of the protocols are not sustainable and financially viable. Some subsidize liquidity by only using their native tokens that may not necessarily have any utility. This results in an inability to provide token holders with a sustainable, long-term, and viable investment plan.

With investors searching for alternatives to these protocols, the need for an advanced and competitive trading protocol arises. In an attempt to meet this need, Pera Finance, an options and trading protocol has been developed.

Pera Finance

Built with a unique and custom sorting technology, this project according to the official website is the first daily and decentralized trading competition in the DeFi market. This project seeks to create a connection between traders and liquidity providers, therefore pioneering the first and arguably the most sustainable yield farming protocol.

Through its daily competition trading feature, liquidity providers and traders in the DeFi space will be duly rewarded.

Pera Trading Competition

Tagged the first daily and decentralized trading competition in the emerging yet budding industry, Pera seeks to offer a competitive reward structure, more than what centralized exchanges offer. Before this time, traders, the sole source of liquidity for DeFi protocols, have been left unrewarded, deterring them from attracting more liquidity to these projects.

With 5 distinct daily rewards models, Pera Finance when juxtaposed with other exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and Poloniex happens to be ahead, with the Pera Model 1 offering as much as $33,591 as a reward.

Towing a new path in the DeFi space, Pera Finance according to its website is unrivaled. Armed with a first-mover advantage, this trading & yield farming protocol is pioneering a paradigm shift in how decentralized finance protocols operate. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Pera Finance is a unique platform that is not a hard fork of an already existing project on any blockchain.

Offering a sustainable and long-term financial investment plan for investors, the trading & yield farming protocol integrates a native token, the PERA Token. Holders of this token will be able to stake them and earn rewards. Astoundingly, the incorporation of smart contracts enables investors to keep earning PERA holders reward while also staking.

An all-inclusive project, PERA token holders according to their website will receive yields from option settlement fees in BNB, BTC, and ETH.


Whilst the DeFi market is currently experiencing a massive boom with a 15.84% market dominance according to DeFi Pulse, there’s a need for a sustainable and financially viable system rather than the pump and dump style. The introduction of Pera Finance, the first daily and decentralized trading DeFi competition may well pioneer a shift in how these protocols function.

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