Porsche to Build Its Global Network of EV Charging Stations, Taps Germany, Switzerland and Austria for Starters

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Porsche to Build Its Global Network of EV Charging Stations, Taps Germany, Switzerland and Austria for Starters
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German high-performance vehicle manufacturer Porsche is cranking up its EV commitment with a network of charging stations and more EV models.

German luxury automaker Porsche recently announced plans to start building a global network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Porsche also announced the planned rollout of a third all-electric Porsche, as well as hybrid 911 vehicles. The charging network initiative will begin next year.

According to the vehicle manufacturer’s CEO Oliver Blume, Porsche is gunning for an EV sales mix of 80% by 2030. During the company’s annual meeting, Blume also stated that the charging network would be available to all Porsche owners and customers. The CEO explained that the initiative is necessary because of the fast-growing demand for electric vehicles. Regardless, Porsche will continue to support existing infrastructure developments.

The planned additional EV models are the Macan and the 718, which will most likely arrive in 2025. The electric 718 will be Porsche’s third all-electric EV offering, and will follow the electric Macan crossover SUV due next year. Furthermore, Porsche intends to sell the current gas-powered Macan alongside the electric model for a limited period. There remains a possibility that the German automaker may choose to take the same decision with its 718 variety lineups. Also, Blume pointed out that the 718 electric sports cars will not ride on the Volkswagen Group’s new premium platform electric (PPE) initiative. The PPE was an earlier initiative that Porsche developed in partnership with Audi, another German automotive manufacturer.

Porsche Takes into Account Accessibility, Convenience & Comfort for Its Charging Network Initiative

The inaugural Porsche-branded charging stations will set up shop in high-demand areas from 2023. According to the car company’s executives, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are the initial areas of the establishment. Although Europe is the first phase of Porsche’s infrastructure strategy, the company is already eyeing locations abroad. As Porsche’s chief financial officer and board member Lutz Meschke put it, the automaker will explore “exclusive solutions for China and the US”.

Porsche also looks to create a lounge experience at its charging stations where customers can relax, sip coffee and get work done. As Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman and member of the executive board, explained:

“It’s not just about charging, it’s also to get more convenience in the direction of our customers. And that’s very important for us that we not only focus on the electrification of our cars but also about customer journey beyond the car.”

Porsche recently also increased its sales targets for electric vehicles. In addition to having an 80% sale in battery-electric models eight years from now, the company is also eyeing a 50% mix of electrified sales by 2025.


Porsche’s charging network initiative follows in the stead of American EV maker Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). The Elon Musk-led company recently built its own global proprietary network of 30,000 supercharger stations at over 2,500 stations. In fact, Tesla is now beginning to make the network available to other EV brands in The Netherlands. As electric vehicles gain more traction, Tesla is looking to do the same in several other European countries.

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