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Prime XBT – Enabling Fast, Limitless and Profitable Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

December 28th, 2018 at 11:59 am UTC · 5 min read

Prime XBT – Enabling Fast, Limitless and Profitable Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

In the past few years cryptocurrencies have exploded and reached incredible heights. Particularly during the 2017 bull run, when Bitcoin (BTC) briefly traded for $20,000. In spite of the current state of the cryptocurrency market, the number of people using cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high, and has led to the proliferation of cryptocurrency companies. Subsequently, the rise of cryptocurrencies has created numerous trading opportunities for new and professional traders.

Enter Prime XBT, is a cryptocurrency trading platform that seeks to address the pertinent issues cryptocurrency traders face daily when using trading platforms. Moreover, Prime XBT offers users 100x leverage for short and long positions, and regardless of the market direction, Prime XBT has solutions that help traders earn on both bearish and bullish markets.

Everyday Cryptocurrency Trading Problems and the Solutions Proffered by Prime XBT


The cryptocurrency industry has covered plenty of ground in recent years. However, one of the issues that never seem to go away is exchange  breaches. From the early days, some exchanges including top-tier exchange platforms have been hacked and customer assets stolen. Most exchanges are still to implement comprehensive security measures that cover every possible security hole.

Prime XBT stands out as one of a few cryptocurrency companies to implement all the requisite security features that protect user accounts and funds. Some examples of these features include:

  • User security: Users are required to pass email verification and set strong passwords. Also, 2FA and withdrawal address whitelisting are obligatory to ensure full protection of user funds.
  • Registryand Domain Security: Prime XBT uses the best available domain security features like DNSSEC, registry lock, registrar lock, etc.
  • Web security:  They use features like X-XSS-Protection, Content Security, Policy headers, etc.
  • Cold wallets: these are used to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies, to keep them offline where they are safer.

Unfriendly User Interface (UI)

Most trading platforms are infamous for having poor user interfaces that are often complex for the average user to grasp quickly. As a result, new users find them challenging compared to traditional exchanges. Nice looking web designs are subjective, however, bad designs make websites difficult to use and are often the basis for bad user experiences. It is commonly known that trading platforms inadvertently make it difficult for users do simple things, like looking up information or navigating the website without wasting too much time.

Prime XBT offers users an advanced, but intuitive trading platform that is simple, clean, secure, fast, responsive and organized. Additionally, plans are under way to implement demo accounts so that newbie traders can practice their trading strategies without risking any funds.

High Transaction Fees

Cryptocurrencies are touted as the beginning of the end of the exorbitant transaction fees that are charged by traditional financial institutions like banks. However, the current fees charged by existing cryptocurrency trading platforms are not viable in the long-term. This is a big issue for traders and one that they often complain about a lot. Existing cryptocurrency trading platforms use fixed fee structures that are to the disadvantage of low volume traders. Meaning traders end up paying more, as a large chunk of any profit they make is used for paying exchange fees.

Prime XBT offers traders one of the lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges as they use a transparent fee structure for their users benefit.

Unexpected Down Time

Just about every trading platform has faced significant downtime to the detriment traders. Down times instigated by server problems are very common in the cryptocurrency industry too. In some cases these outages are due to servers being by user traffic. While others are paralyzed by DDOS, making it difficult for users to access trading platforms during important trading moments.

When down times occur, traders experience several problems and they are usually not able to place or cancel orders. These interruptions, planned or otherwise, make trading extremely unreliable. The internet is littered with stories of cryptocurrency traders that have lost large amounts of funds because of down times, with no recourse.

Prime XBT is fully aware of the negative consequences of server downtime for traders. To mitigate this, traders would be notified in advance about any planned server downtimes. Other preventative measures have been put in place to avert external attacks like DDOS. And if all of these fail, Prime XBT has put plans in place to ameliorate the risks of down times.

Low Liquidity

Liquidity is essential for all types of markets to function and the cryptocurrency market isn’t any different. Low liquidity has been a challenge for cryptocurrency traders from the onset. Existing cryptocurrency trading platforms lack sufficient liquidity, which in turn creates illiquid assets that cannot be easily sold or bought. Low liquidity creates an unfair trading environment, as orders take forever to fill. And most times, traders are forced to accept prices that are lower than the going market rate to get their orders filled. There are no quick fixes and it makes stakeholders antsy.

Prime XBT considers the lack of liquidity on existing cryptocurrency trading platforms as the prevalent challenge for traders and seeks to tackle it head-on. The team considers liquidity as the lifeblood of cryptocurrency trading and growth. Hence, Prime XBT has aggregated liquidity from twelve different cryptocurrency exchanges in real-time, thus, providing traders with instant order executions at large volumes.

About Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a global trading platform that registers cryptocurrency traders from any country where cryptocurrency trading is not an issue. Signing up now has its benefits and they include things like no transaction fees for a minimum of one month. Furthermore, enjoy other great features like stop loss order limits and anonymous registration, there are no KYC hassles and registration takes less than a minute. Also, with your Prime XBT margin account, you can leverage your cryptocurrency trading 100x if you choose to. Sign up now, and start reaping all these great benefits and more.


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