Public Sale for Blockchain Gaming Platform XAYA Starting on the New Liquid Exchange

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Public Sale for Blockchain Gaming Platform XAYA Starting on the New Liquid Exchange

Gaming platform XAYA is proud to announce their token sale which is currently live on the new Liquid Exchange platform.

Malta-based blockchain gaming platform XAYA is proud to announce their highly anticipated main token sale, which is now live on the new Liquid Exchange platform. XAYA, which is the evolution of the first blockchain gaming project, Huntercoin, will eliminate the cost, speed, and efficiency issues that other blockchain games hosted on Ethereum and other platforms currently struggle with.

For the first time, a gaming ecosystem allows online gameplay without restrictions, conducted in real time and with no costs. It is available for gamers all around the world. The XAYA system will use blockchain technology and be infinitely scalable to meet the demand of its users.

XAYA will leverage several features enabled by blockchain technology. Game channels will borrow principles from Bitcoins Lightning Network and gamify it, creating the infrastructure necessary for a network that can handle several thousand game movements per second simultaneously.

Ephemeral timestamps will be automated to ensure that only fair gameplay is being performed, as cheating will never be possible within this ecosystem. Atomic trading will allow various virtual assets to be exchanged between players. It doesn’t matter which users, from which games, or even which cryptocurrencies are used. This will ensure maximum liquidity and allow for unique market opportunities that gamers, or the developers themselves, cannot even foresee.

On top of this, the entire XAYA ecosystem’s language is agnostic. Developers do not have to spend time learning a new language to take advantage of all of these benefits and can, instead, create a game that they are already comfortable and skilled in. The platform supports Java, Python, and several other languages, with games automatically published at zero cost.

Besides being able to take advantage of new features, developers will also have a chance to work on opportunities in XAYA, such as human mining and decentralized reality, which unlocks entirely new genres for both creators and gamers to explore.

The Liquid exchange is an evolution of the Quoinex and Qryptos crypto exchanges, which boasted to have a combined daily volume of $200 million USD. Being launched this week, XAYA represents itself the first token sale to take place on Liquid. The exchange is focused on providing the highest amount of liquidity, which will be achieved through back-end processes akin to arbitrage.

These processes will let Liquid users execute any kind of trading pair they wish among the supported currencies. This will allow Liquid to access the books of 17 other exchanges, offering its users the most competitive prices as well as eliminating losses to margins between order books. Further, Liquid will offer fiat trading, margin trading for supported cryptocurrencies, lending, as well as other features for its traders.

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