‘You Talk, We Build’: Bitreserve Adds 7 New Currencies

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‘You Talk, We Build’: Bitreserve Adds 7 New Currencies
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Bitreserve stepped forward now providing 16 currencies and 4 precious metals to its members.

Bitreserve, a cloud-based financial service, proves that it works first of all for people and with people. Thanks to constant dialogue with its customers the company better understands the needs and requirements of its members.

Bitreserve states the creation of “fair, inclusive, accountable and transparent financial system” as its main goal. The current system does not satisfy people any more. Bitreserve team is working hard to rebuild money service as a whole to offer even more flexibility and a wider variety of options.

The service used to provide nine currencies while now the number increased to 16. The addition of seven more currencies was announced the other day. The list of new ones looks as follows:

  • AUD: Australian Dollars
  • CAD: Canadian Dollars
  • HKD: Hong Kong Dollars
  • NZD: New Zealand Dollars
  • SGD: Singapore Dollars
  • KES: Kenyan Shillings
  • ILS: Israeli Sheqel

This is only one step, although an important one, in reaching the goal of the company. Bitreserve promises even more exciting changes soon!

“Bitreserve has a long-term goal of servicing every corner of the world – a goal that dovetails nicely with our ever-present drive to deliver better service to our global members,” said Byrne Reese, Bitreserve’s Vice President of Product, in an interview to CoinSpeaker. “We decided upon our most recent batch of currencies in response to both providing currencies our members have requested directly, and in better supporting the geographies our members currently live in.”

We must admit that Bitreserve has been in focus of bitcoin society for quite a long. The company has launched Bitreserve Connect and Easy.money. Bitreserve Connect looks like super-convenient money platform allowing to reliably store and send money all over the world.

Bitreserve’s Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) security and information infrastructure is used here. Easy.money stands as a part of the mentioned platform and offers the possibility to create personalized gift certificates which can be either sent electronically or presented personally. The procedure of registration and ordering is fully described on the official website.

The company seems to be doing well with its new CEO Anthony Watson, former Nike’s CIO. He left Nike in December last year, then in April joined Bitreserve as president and chief operating officer and three months later he became its CEO.

Mr Watson himself had invested in bitcoin and had been quite familiar with the sphere before his appointment. He admits that he sees a great power in blockchain and will do his best “to make the world embrace the uses of this technology.”

Bitreserve is not only the world’s first real-time transparent financial service – it has also become the first zero-cost service. For the first time in history, the ability to convert and exchange money can happen instantly, safely and for free.

Halsey Minor, Bitreserve’s founder and CEO, admits that they have created a great company: “Addressing the unfairness of the legacy financial system is a core motivation for starting Bitreserve, and focusing on this in a meaningful way is both a great responsibility and tremendous privilege.”

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