RemiBit: Industry-Leading Gateway to Accept Crypto Payments

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RemiBit: Industry-Leading Gateway to Accept Crypto Payments
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Setting up RemiBit is easy, and merchants can fully register their businesses and get their accounts up and running within ten minutes.

Remibit is a blockchain payment gateway solution that enables businesses to invoice, send, store and accept crypto payments globally. The crypto payment solution has emerged as a popular option for merchants in recent weeks due to its easy setup procedure and non-custodial philosophy.

Merchants can accept payments in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Commercium, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, and Dogecoin, in a secure and intuitive platform. 

The payment gateway is unique from others as it integrates with the exchange platform Kraken. This enables merchants to perform crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat exchanges directly from their RemiBit accounts. 

Setting up RemiBit is easy, and merchants can fully register their businesses and get their accounts up and running within ten minutes. Integrating extensions and plugins is also relatively straightforward on supported platforms like Magento and Woocommerce. Those skeptical about installing third-party plugins into their stores should know that RemiBit plugins are open source and have been extensively tested by many online platforms. 

Extensive Ecosystem

Think of RemiBit as a platform that takes care of the crypto payment needs of any business. Merchants are provided with an invoice generator that also features an activity panel, allowing merchants to monitor their activities. 

Unlike other crypto payment platforms that take custody of merchants’ funds, RemiBit has no access to customers’ funds. The platform facilitates the peer-to-peer payments flow and provides a non-custodial wallet that gives merchants full access to their private keys. This means that payments are genuinely decentralized and fit the company’s motto, ‘Your keys, your crypto’. 

The exchange integration with Kraken is a feature that lets merchants perform deposit and sell operations on their Kraken accounts from RemiBit. There are options like manual exchange integration for those that want full hands access to their exchange account. An auto exchange integration is available for merchants to set automated crypto to fiat strategies on Kraken. While the InstaSell™ feature is very useful for merchants that want to deposit and sell crypto in one action.

Physical stores can also accept payments using the Point of Sale feature (POS). RemiBit POS solution is well optimized to be used on any connected device. The POS generates QR codes with the amount and address to be paid to, on any of the supported cryptos, and customers can scan the code to pay for goods or services securely. Simple, easy, and efficient. 

Companies are also able to make B2B transfers using RemiBit Direct. It utilizes a phonebook system where companies can add each other using their RemiBit ID and save contacts on the RemiBit Address Book. Funds can then be sent directly to contacts using the RemiBit ID. This B2B tool enables fast internal transactions and allows easier interaction between companies registered on RemiBit. 

The Next Generation Crypto Payment Solution

RemiBit is laying down a marker in the crypto payment sector. Its mobile app is well optimized and provides a handy platform for merchants to control their accounts from Android and iOS devices. 

RemiBit offers a free Starter plan for merchants and professionals. The free plan has a free sales limit of €500 and a sales fee of 1% once the limit is exceeded. 

Merchants that desire higher sales limits with lower sales fees and advanced features can subscribe to the Advanced (€19 monthly, €3000, 0.75%) and Pro (€39 monthly, €10000, 0.50%) tiers. There is also an Enterprise plan for large-scale businesses. 

Final Thoughts

RemiBit is taking over the blockchain payment market when there are limited options in the market. At its current pace, it could quickly gain the first-mover advantage in this fast-growing sector. It is easy to see why it has become the platform of choice for merchants with its feature-rich solution.

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