RightMesh Completes Private Token Round with Over $18 Million Raised

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
RightMesh Completes Private Token Round with Over $18 Million Raised
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RightMesh, a successful startup having raised over $18 million during its last crowdsale, is looking forward to achieving new goals with the launch of its platform. The TGE is on the way.

The internet is a heavily consolidated and monitored space, where nothing is private and you have to pay for every step of the way, and corporations benefit from it all. There is no alternative to the global internet conundrum, as the level of infrastructure, set up for the internet’s purpose, is worth tens of billions of dollars and owned by big internet services companies.

But, when bitcoin was started and the concept of blockchain took flight and got critical acclaim, many futurists wondered, whether there was a possibility of a fully decentralized P2P mesh communication network or not.

The tools for connectivity are extremely limited right now, but the prospect is very inviting for the future. We all know that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity tech is only going to be better in the future with better range and communication speeds. So, startups are already looking to make a name in the business.

RightMesh, a decentralized Mesh Network startup has proposed a workable solution to the problem and is undergoing crowdfunding right now. The latest private crowdsale has successfully raised $18 million for the new networking startup, and the company is looking to continue the success with the launch of its platform.

According to CEO and co-founder John Lyotier:

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community. It is a strange place to be in, turning down millions of dollars, but it’s important to the health of the network that the tokens are widely distributed, and we want to do the right thing and ensure that there are enough tokens remaining for the public.”

The company has recently released its beta trial SDK for a selective group of app developers, who have been in touch with the new platform’s creators. The mission is to expand the range and practicality of mesh-enabled applications around the world, which is close to nothing right now.

With an increased number of mesh applications grabbing user attention, the tech’s popularity will only increase and that is essential, as nobody is looking for a new type of internet that has no direct applications.

RightMesh aims to connect over 4 billion internet users around the world with Mesh technology and make their online world easier and secure.

Right now, a limited private sale is on the way. Users can take part in the main TGE starting from February 15, 2018. The hard cap is set at $30 million. Each contributor must go through comprehensive KYC/AML requirements, and the contributions will only be processed and accepted via Bitcoin Suisse AG, a Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets.

RightMesh, is currently not making itself available in the US or Canadian investors as persistent legal problems are creating too many hurdles for new Token Generation events. Pre-registration as a Bitcoin Suisse client is required for all contributors.

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