Ripple CEO Says in an Interview with CNN that There Can’t Be One Winner in Crypto Space

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Ripple CEO Says in an Interview with CNN that There Can’t Be One Winner in Crypto Space
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In the interview with CNN, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse answered a number of questions on the issues that are widely discussed in the crypto community. He also said that his words about IPO in 2020 were misquoted.

Recently, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has given an interview to CNN anchor and correspondent Julia Chatterley. On February 17, it was published. Through her official twitter page, Chatterley posted the whole interview for her followers and the crypto community at large to get to know what next in the Ripple world.

The interview revolved on the main issues that are affecting the crypto ecosystems and more so the XRP community at large. With Ripple’s XRP rated among the top cryptocurrencies, any fundamental future news is welcomed by a large multitude of investors and traders.

Ripple has been making huge waves in the blockchain industry as it tries to cement a strong foundation to help it solve problems encountered by consumers.

What Ripple CEO Says about Crypto Market in CNN Interview

According to the interview, there are issues that are pressing the XRP community and the crypto community at large. 

Julia Chatterley started by asking Garlinghouse on what he thinks on one crypto supremacy. In his response, Garlinghouse said that eventually there will not be one winner in the crypto space. In his argument, he said that different crypto assets offer different services to the consumer and the ultimate goal should solve consumer problems.

He elaborated that whatever the Bitcoin community is doing cannot be termed as competition to what the XRP community is working on. Similarly, whatever happens in the Ethereum world, it should not be viewed as competition compared to what is happening in the Ripple world.

Garlinghouse thinks that as the crypto market is growing and becoming diverse, the crypto assets will each get a share of the market only of they focus on solving consumer problems.

Rumors about IPO

The other main issue covered in the interview was regarding the recent rumor of a possible Ripple IPO. Garlinghouse instead accused the mainstream media of misquoting him as he meant that 2020 will be the year the cryptos and the blockchain will go public through IPOs. Certainly, according to him, Ripple might not be the first neither will it be the last to take that path.

According to Garlinghouse, Ripple has been laying the foundation by partnering with different financial players in the market. This can be seen with the partnership with MoneyGram when Ripple invested millions to help the company.

He concluded by saying that Ripple will continue having a flexible balance sheet that is open for what the market offers. This is seen with the recent Ripple advancement of the employee team as other crypto community lay off the workers.

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