Ripple Hires Google’s Tech Leader, Amore Finance Joins Ever-growing RippleNet Network

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Ripple Hires Google’s Tech Leader, Amore Finance Joins Ever-growing RippleNet Network
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Ripple is expanding its partnership network while also hiring strong professionals who will nake their contribution to the company’s further development.

Ripple is one of the companies that really believes that its main strength is in its professionals. While the team of the company is expanding, the same happens to its partner network.

Ripple’s New VP of Products

Just recently, it has become known that the company hired Amir Sarhangi as its vice president of products. Before joining Ripple, Amor Sarhangi had been leading the rollout of a new wireless messaging system at Google. He started his work for Google in 2015, when the tech company acquired Jibe Mobile, a startup that was founded by him.

The startup was aimed at implementation of a so-called rich communication system (RCS) that was viewed as a successor to text messages. Nevertheless, its broad adoption wasn’t achieved as leading device makers such as Apple Inc. didn’t offer a support of this technology.

Ripple hopes that the experience of Sarhangi and his skills will be extremely important to further expanding of its blockchain-powered network RippleNet that is designed to unite payment providers and banks.

New Partnership

As it is reported, the company is actively working on adding new partners to its ever-growing RippleNet. At the current moment, Amore Finance is the latest company to join RippleNet. The company is based in Prague and it is the first Czech firm in the list of RippleNet partnerships.  It offers a wide range of banking services and solutions for various companies.

The main aim that Amore Finance had entering into partnership with Ripple was getting new opportunities for growth and development of its infrastructure to facilitate and speed up its cross-border payments at low costs.

Additionally, it has been announced that this finance startup joined RippleNet in cooperation with Cleverlance, a technology firm in the Czech Republic that significantly helped Amore Finance in providing its customers access to fast and cheap transactions with zero error rates.  Nevertheless, there is still no information whether Amore Finance will use xRapid with XRP or xCurrent solution.

XRP Achievements

What’s more, that’s still not the end of the news recently received from Ripple. The cryptocurrency  that is actively used in realization of the company’s solutuions, XRP, has been added to two new cryptocurrency exchanges.

One of them is OmniTrade based in Brazil. Having added XRP to its platform, it offers its investors a possibility to work with the following trading pairs: XRP-BTC, XRP-ETH and XRP-Brazilian real.

Yobit exchange that is registered in Russia has also added XRP on its listing. At the moment trading pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum are available.

Ripple’s Reports

The announcements just follow the recent report published by the company. According to this report, Ripple’s revenues have doubled in the third quarter if compared with the second quarter of the current year. In Q3 according to the official information, the company has managed to sell $163.33 million worth of XRP in token sales while in the previous quarter this amount was $73.53 million.

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