Ripple Updates Its Xpring Platform with New Features to Boost XRP Development

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Ripple Updates Its Xpring Platform with New Features to Boost XRP Development
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Ripple Labs unveiled new features for the Xpring platform that it had officially announced 2 months ago.

Ripple has done it again when it updated its recently launched Xpring developer platform to accept two new programming languages Python and Go. The new XRP developer platform ( allows both cryptocurrency developers and non-cryptocurrency developers to be able to create applications that run within the XRP ecosystem. The new features include customer service, a new developer-friendly wallet, technical documentation and another set of cool tools.

The platform was launched in October and the company announced that it needed sixty days to be able to roll out more features. According to sources, Ethan Beard, who is the Senior Vice President of Xpring, said:

“That will be the central hub for developers to manage everything they need when it comes to integrating payments into their apps,”

Xpring has also made assertions that “100 lines of code are reduced into 21” with the help of its new software development toolkit according to sources. Being a fresh strategic approach for Ripple Labs, Xpring has been one of the primary investment arms for Ripple Labs and it seems like a departure from the usual acquisitions and partnerships for Ripple Labs. But there is still an internal investment strategy that will pay off in the future. The growth and expansion of the developer community is also going to spur innovations around the XRP token and its ledger. 

Sources indicate that Beard explained on the innovations that Xpring brought to the table in the following way:

“Before it was quite complicated. It was done through command line or piecing together a variety of different tools. ”

This further simplifies the development of different innovations that can create new use-case scenarios where the XRP token can function. Xpring which has been in the works for some time will create a new paradigm from which the XRP ecosystem will thrive. This year has been a great year for Ripple Labs with a lot of groundbreaking partnerships in the financial sector. The introduction of the Xpring seems to be the icing on the cake for a company that has tried its best to put its token on the map but has faced quite a bit of challenge in getting XRPs prices to rise.

With new use-case scenarios, however, this seemingly lingering problem can be overcome with the introduction of new tools and methods for getting the best from RippleNet. This also allows for all kinds of developers with expertise in different programming languages to be able to create new apps and solutions which will eventually run off RippleNet.

XRP Ledger was upgraded to the stable version 1.4.0 which allows the retrieval of balances from wallets that have 15 XRP from the previous 20 XRP minimum account balance. 

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