Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Reach $75,000 in Three Years, Robert Kiyosaki Says

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Reach $75,000 in Three Years, Robert Kiyosaki Says
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Though at the time of writing BTC is trading below $10,000, Robert Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin price could reach $75,000 within three years.

Robert Kiyosaki is once again on the bullish path for Bitcoin. The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author has been on the Bitcoin (BTC) price upside on twitter. Robert has already indicated that his fears of an economic crash have caused him to buy three assets: Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

This comes as Bitcoin (BTC) price rose towards $10,000 at the end of the last week after the long-awaited BTC halving 2020 occurred. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $9,681 (+7.80%).

Why Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Hit $75,000

He has already predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) prices will reach $75,000 within the next three years. Kiyosaki went further to predict the values of the three assets in his tweet.

This portends growth rates of 76%, 19%, and 97% for the three assets. In this case, Bitcoin is the obvious winner. The reasons for these numbers are obvious.

Firstly, Bitcoin is a digital asset driven by math. Certain advancements now allow for Bitcoin hardware wallets. Cold wallets allow HODLers to keep their assets securely. It further increases the confidence of outsiders in Bitcoin and the Altcoins.

Secondly, Bitcoin (BTC) prices have increased as all other assets have gone to the dust at this time. Bitcoin (BTC) prices aren’t connected to other markets. The same holds for most of the altcoins.

Thirdly, Bitcoin is already being seen as a safe zone in times of crisis. Times like these have shown that this concept works both in principle and in practice. Investors with foresight like Kiyosaki will be proven right over time.

Robert Kiyosaki Has Become a Bitcoin Evangelist

Robert Kiyosaki has been a Bitcoin evangelist for a bit. He appeared on Anthony Pompliano‘s podcast in April. He explained:

“The reason I endorse Bitcoin is just for one frickin reason — you’re not part of the system.”

This shows his bullish stance. For all the right reasons, Robert has been able to make the transition to the decentralized space. Kiyosaki has been known for his often outlandish (but realistic) approach to investing and finance.

Many later-stage millennials who grew up from 2000 and over have bee influenced one way or the other from his books, podcasts, and other materials.

How this influence will spill over into influencing these set of individuals to spend within the crypto space remains unclear. One thing is certain though: all the contrarian investors seem to be pointing in the direction of Bitcoin.

Many fear that this will lead to a 2017 -like bubble situation. Things will be different this time. The markets have matured. There are many players in the crypto space.

If Rich Dad turns out to be right, we are looking at the most significant financial shift of our time.

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