Samsung Responds to Apple’s iPhone 12, Unveils Its Galaxy S21 Series

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Samsung Responds to Apple’s iPhone 12, Unveils Its Galaxy S21 Series
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The Samsung Galaxy series has a rich history dating back to 2010 and has ushered in an impressive technological evolution through which the S21 series is born.

South Korean multinational electronics company, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX: 005930) has unveiled its latest cutting edge 5G technology-enabled mobile smartphones dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. As reported by CNBC, the new series consists of three distinctive and uniquely designed models include the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The mobile phone manufacturing ecosystem is such that evolves on an annual basis and innovations are fleeting, necessitating the need for constant ingenious products that can captivate the heart of consumers. The space is dominated by many industry giants including Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), and Huawei Technologies amongst others, and Samsung’s reign as the company with the largest market share of 22.7% according to data from IDC is born out of the firm’s continuous efforts to improve on its existing product lines.

Built to provide direct competition to Apple’s iPhone 12 series that was released last year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series supports the range of 5G networks currently available in the United States and also doubles as the first devices to be powered by the new flagship Snapdragon 888 processor that was announced last month by QUALCOMM Inc (NASDAQ: QCOM). The new processors offer the most luxurious mobile Android phone alternatives in the market today and are sure to provide the necessary competition across the board.

Despite the positive news, the shares of Samsung Electronics are down by 1.90% to 88,000 Korean Won. This dip which reflects investors’ sentiment around the stock may be attributed to the performance of the other market segments of the company.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone Series

The Samsung Galaxy series, in general, has a rich history dating back to 2010 and has ushered in an impressive technological evolution through which the S21 series is born. The S21 device has a screen width of 6.1 inches while the S21+ was designed with a 6.7 inches display and the S21 Ultra comes with the largest screen display of 6.8 inches but with more notable capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a high refresh rate for smoothness while also keeping the resolution high for sharper video, games, and text, a feature that is lacking in both the S21 and the S21+. While Samsung phones are generally renowned for their superior camera quality, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra reigns supreme amongst the three models unveiled.

It reportedly has a sharper front-facing camera and four additional cameras on the back, as opposed to three on the S21 and S21+, including two zoom lenses, an ultra-wide lens, and a wide-angle lens. The Galaxy S21 and S21+ lack the additional zoom lens. The Ultra also supports up to 100x zoom versus 30x zoom on the other models. The Ulta version also supports the use of the S Pen Stylus, a capability that was only inherent in the Galaxy Note series.

Billed to be released on January 29, prospective users can now pre-order with the Galaxy S21 priced at $799.99, the Galaxy S21+ at $999.99, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra starting at $1,199.99. The success of the new product line may be boosted by this competitive pricing as well as the notable improvements Samsung made in the phones in relation to the Galaxy S20 series released in 2020.

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