Samsung is Looking to Merge Its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series by 2020

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Samsung is Looking to Merge Its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series by 2020
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Because both phones are a little too similar, Samsung is considering merging the Galaxy S and Note series into one. Reports have it that the new phone will be called Galaxy One and may be released next year.

Samsung is widely regarded today as one of the best mobile phone manufacturers in the world. When this is narrowed down to the Android Operating System, Samsung very easily tops all of the rest. Every year, the company releases a new phone in its Galaxy S series and also another in the Galaxy Note series.

For a while now, many have noted that there isn’t much difference with both lines and there is no need to have two different types. Now according to some speculation, there’s a chance that both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, will be merged into just one.

Galaxy S + Galaxy Note

Back in February, Samsung held a press conference for some of its devices including the Galaxy S10e, S10+, S10, S10 5G, and the Fold as well. At the time, a Samsung Exec Ms. Jeong, expressed certain worries about naming the next Galaxy phone. Expected to be called the Galaxy S11, Jeong said adding the words Galaxy, S and Eleven makes it a little too long and therefore cumbersome.

Last year, it was also rumored that Samsung Electronics Jay Y. Lee, was also working on a revamp of sorts, which might merge the S and Note series together. Now in a recent tweet, popular mobile reporter and digital strategist, Evan Blass, has suggested that there is information from a trusted source that Samsung is considering a rebrand of the Galaxy series, which could include “eliminating the distinction b/w the S and Note lines”, suggesting that the result could be called the “Galaxy One”.

The new phone might also come with better-improved features and technology worthy enough to compete with the recently released iPhone 11. Specifically, the iPhone 11 has a Deep Fusion function which basically uses artificial intelligence to create better photos by doing pixel-by-pixel processing. Samsung is said to already be working on its own version as well.

Different lines in the Samsung series usually have their peculiar features that easily set them apart from each other. Including from the physical outlook, there weren’t very many similarities between the S series and the Note series. However, since 2016 when the company released the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 devices, the similarities seemed to slowly be increasing so much that with recent models, people have said that the only difference is Samsung S Pen stylus.

Because there’s really no official statement from the company, there’s no real way to tell whether or not this would really happen as it’s also very likely that Samsung has not made a final decision on this just yet. However, there’s a good enough chance that there will be an announcement sometime in the first quarter of 2020 if the plans are approved.

Second Generation Samsung Galaxy Fold

There’s also a possibility that there will be a new foldable phone to replace the Galaxy Note, if it is eventually merged with the S series to become Galaxy One. Before now, the company had already hinted that it was developing a different foldable phone to be released sometime next year.

Called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the phone will have a large 6.7 inch display and will be foldable into a small square. This is however based on the market acceptance of the Galaxy Fold and is expected to be much cheaper as well.

Recently, Samsung announced the release of a new version of the Galaxy Note 10, making it more crypto and blockchain-friendly. The new version is tagged ‘KlaytnPhone’ and will come with pre-installed apps including a cryptocurrency wallet as well as several blockchain applications.

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