Samsung to Release a New Blockchain-Friendly Version of Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung to Release a New Blockchain-Friendly Version of Galaxy Note 10
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Samsung’s new blockchain and crypto-friendly version of Galaxy Note 10, dubbed KlaytnPhone, is going on sale today, but it will be available in South Korea only, with the price at around $1,000.

Samsung, South Korean multinational conglomerate, is releasing a new version of its blockchain-friendly Galaxy Note 10 smartphone. Dubbed ‘KlaytnPhone’, the new smartphone will have a cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain apps installed, which means that the tech giant is planning to further boost adoption for the distributed ledger technology.

As Wall Street Journal has reported, KlaytnPhone is named after Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX’s blockchain platform Klaytn that went live in June this year. The smartphone will have Klaytn logo when turned on or off. As those familiar with the matter said, blockchain apps on the Klaytn network are currently available for non-Samsung phones via Google’s Android system, however, the Klaytn version of Galaxy Note 10 will support full-scale transactions on the Klaytn network.

KlaytnPhone is going on sale today, but it will be available in South Korea only, with the price at around $1,000. Moreover, buyers will also get a certain amount of Klay, the Klaytn blockchain’s native cryptocurrency.

Samsung to Boost Blockchain Adoption

In February this year, Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 smartphone. Equipped with the world’s first Dynamic AMOLED display, an excellent camera, 5G connectivity and intelligent performance, the smartphone has been long waited for by the crypto community as it offers a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized apps (dApps).

This is possible due to a new feature known as ‘Samsung Knox’ which can be used to securely store private keys for blockchain-powered applications, such as cryptocurrency wallets.

In March, Samsung unveiled Galaxy S10 dApps that included beauty community Cosmee, merchant payments service CoinDuck, crypto gaming platform Enjin, and crypto-collectibles platform CryptoKitties. Later, the company also published a preview of the storage solution dubbed the ‘Blockchain Keystore’. The solution has three brad features that include digital signatures, payments to merchants, and cryptocurrency storage and transfers.

Moreover, the tech giant has also unveiled a new mobile category of foldable devices. The first phone introduced was Galaxy Fold, a rather compact device that can transform into the smartphone with the largest-ever display. And Samsung seems not to stop at that. Lately, there have been allegations that the company is working on its new folding phone – Galaxy Fold 2 – that could be unveiled at the beginning of the next year.

As Coinspeaker has reported, the device is expected to be equipped with a 6.7-inch inner display that can fold up to a pocket-sized and a hole-punch selfie camera at the top of the inner display. On the outside, it will have two cameras that face the rear when the phone is open or the front when it’s clasped back.

It is notable that the new version of the Galaxy Fold will be not only smaller but also more affordable in comparison with this year’s Galaxy Fold that is supposed to cost $2.000.

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