Blockchain Gaming Originator Chimaera Launches a Token Sale

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Chimaera has announced the launch of its ICO starting from tomorrow, 23 March, 2018, aiming to create a blockchain-based platform for gaming universes.

The original creators of blockchain gaming, Chimaera, launches its token sale in a bid to create a blockchain-based platform to house entire gaming universes. The token sale starts tomorrow, on 23 March, 2018.

Being hosted on the blockchain, virtual worlds and fantasy universes can now live forever, growing and building in a virtually limitless environment, free from the constraints of centralized points of failure and resistant to all forms of censorship.

Online gaming has always enjoyed a lot of attention from crypto projects, even from the very early days of Bitcoin. However, several key issues have persisted as obstacles to success, such as high cost, low speed and lack of scalability.

London-based Chimaera hopes to turn those fortunes around, seeking to finally break through the hundred billion dollar industry with a unique approach. Differing from previous attempts, the tech firm is proposing its own tailor-made blockchain ecosystem that will run games directly on its blockchain without servers.

It seeks to break free from the limited scope of predecessors as well, by moving beyond the virtual asset trading systems that are the focus of most blockchain gaming projects, and utilizing some of the latest blockchain technological upgrades. For example, it will introduce a variant of Lightning Network developments into a gamified system of “game channels”.

Chimaera lead developer Dr. Daniel Kraft first introduced this “game channel” idea in 2015, following it up with a comprehensive journal piece in 2016, published by the Ledger peer-reviewed journal. Via game channels, players can connect to each other and to other game worlds directly via the Chimaera blockchain. Without centralized servers, developers don’t need to worry about server maintenance costs. And due to immutable ledger, players are protected from cheaters, and there is no need for human moderation.

With the blockchain as a living record, gamers can maintain real and liquid ownership of all their digital creations: in-game currency, items and characters. They are free to transfer and trade these across different players from different games, or exchange them for real-world currency.

Chimaera’s Play-to-Earn framework will introduce players to a new concept where they can participate in the ecosystem and translate effort and success into actual profit. What they choose to do with this profit is entirely up to them: purchase new games and assets, or cash out to spend in the real world.

Chimaera’s native digital asset, the CHI coin, is powering all transactions within this virtual gaming ecosystem. CHI will be available to the public during a pre-sale stage with the earliest contributors standing to benefit from discounts as high as 30% during the pre-sale and 15% during the general sale.

The inventor of Chimaera, Dr. Kraft, is a top contributor to the Bitcoin Core database and was a lead developer of Namecoin. Chimaera also benefits from being one of the earliest blockchains in existence, with its developers initially working on Huntercoin in 2013, the first game ever propagated directly on the blockchain. Chimaera is essentially the next stage of that prototype product.

Its team is further represented by a diverse range of talents with solid experience in relevant industries, having worked on top-tier gaming projects, such as Command and Conquer and Medal of Honor, as well as popular IP games such as Star Trek and The Walking Dead, as well as having collaborated with major studios such as EA and Square Enix.

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