Skycoin Launches Its New Skyminer as a Part of Skywire Project

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Skycoin Launches Its New Skyminer as a Part of Skywire Project
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Skycoin is happy to announced the launch of its Skyminer, an internet access point which pays its users for bandwidth, within the company’s Skywire project.

Popular cryptocurrency startup Skycoin has announced the release of its new Skyminer with an initial order of 300 units set to ship worldwide. The energy-efficient miner is an integral cog in the plan to deploy ‘Skywire’, a secure, decentralized mesh-internet (meshnet). The meshnet will be capable of actualizing a user-controlled internet which, unlike the traditional alternative, will be unaffected by a net neutrality repeal.

The custom-built Skyminer is thoroughly designed and configured piece of technology, created in an attempt to deliver maximum power and performance, without huge energy consumption. In addition to hardware specialized to act as a VPN, its configurations include: Custom PCB boards; 16-port OpenWRT router; 16 GB RAM (32 x 512MB DDR3); ARM Cortex ™-A53 CPU; 8 x 16GB Class-10 A1 Micro SD; Hexa-core Mali450 GPU; LAN Bandwidth: 8 x 100Mbps; Gigabit ethernet, 8+1 port switch; and 64-bit Linux (Alpine Linux).

Skywire offers a decentralized blockchain-based internet which allows its users to browse the web with both security and privacy. Within Skywire, Skyminer represents an internet access point which pays its users for bandwidth in the form of the company’s native token. That is how Skycoin ncentivizes its users to power Skywire’s peer-to-peer environment.

To access the Skywire, a user can run a node, similar to the Tor network. And just like Tor, nodes forwarding traffic only see the previous and next hop. However, unlike Tor, Skywire provides its users with much faster and safer experience and rewards them with Skycoin for running their nodes. With all this advantages, the Skycoin project is likely to become a promising alternative for users who are already fed up with corporate ISPs and corrupt coins.

In addition, both creators and developers can use the Skycoin platform to build decentralized applications. Skycoin is a 360-degree privacy protocol designed by some of the original Bitcoin and Ethereum developers for powering the internet.

Skycoin is a third-generation cryptocurrency. The Skycoin project is a long term infrastructure project, having started its era around the time when Litecoin was launched. Skycoin was initially designed as Bitcoin’s successor, focusing on implementing Satoshi‘s original vision of cryptocurrency. Originally, Satoshi Nakamoto saw the Bitcoin network as a decentralized ecosystem.

Today, the Bitcoin network is totally controlled by three mining pools and no loger has any connections with the concept of decentralization. Skycoin Project has developed a new consensus algorithm to achieve the Bitcoin’s initial purpose.

In addition to addressing Bitcoin’s outstanding technical issues, the Skycoin Project is implementing the next generation features, including foundational networking, storage and application primitives. The team believes that “blockchain” is one of several new mathematical and algorithmic primitives, which will lay the foundation of the successor to improve the current internet.

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