Soccer Manager Is Deploying Its Soccer Manager Game on the Blockchain

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Soccer Manager Is Deploying Its Soccer Manager Game on the Blockchain
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Soccer Manager is deploying its system on the Blockchain to let users participate in the managerial game directly without the need of a big central server.

Soccer is very popular around the world and its teams have massive following reaching hundreds of millions of regular fans. Now FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are two of the best Soccer video games in the world when it comes to the playing side, but, with the rise of stardom and importance of club managers, managerial games have also become huge hits.

Some people even prefer them to over regular Soccer games for the ability of using different strategies and managing entire teams. Everyone is interested in the money side of things as well as Soccer is becoming the most lucrative sport in the world, and that is the main reason why managerial gaming is becoming so popular.

Soccer Manager, a popular online Soccer Manager game, is deploying their system on the Blockchain. With the implementation of this latest move, thousands of users around the world will be able to participate in the managerial game directly without the need of a big central server.

Soccer Manager is an established brand. Leveraging blockchain technology, the company will ensure fairness and scaling without the need of constantly expanding their central data servers. In this decentralized Soccer Manager system, all players will have the same rules and they cannot be broken. This means that players cannot cheat the server and they have all the control of their Soccer credits, players, stadiums or anything of value created in the virtual world of managing Soccer games.

They can also be transferred from one user to another securely. This means that the players with more stuff can even sell it to others and thus make money through playing this amazing game.

Soccer Manager will run entirely on a new Blockchain Technology and platform called Chimaera. Chimaera allows entire video games to be based and run on the Blockchain itself rather than just using a part of the tech’s application. This direct hosting means that the need for servers is eliminated, the uptime is forever and there is no chance of fraud or cheating.

According to the words of the CEO of Soccer Manager, Andrew Gore:

“We’ve been wanting to build a blockchain soccer manager game for sometime but have never found a suitable blockchain platform to host it on. After a lot of research, we came across the Chimaera project whos team have been at the forefront of blockchain gaming for several years.”

Now blockchain-based games are not a new phenomenon, but they have always had the issue of scaling. The largest game ever to be released on the Ethereum Blockchain was CryptoKitties, a small game, which bogged the network considerably. Chimaera can host entire gaming platforms and the pioneers in the Chimaera platform started this revolution by developing a protocol like theirs and launched Huntercoin Experiment, the world’s first decentralized MMO. Chimaera can host huge games on its Blockchain and that’s why it is extremely useful for online gaming.

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