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Solcial Goes Live on Solana Mainnet, Betting Big on User Tokens and Community Ownership

December 19th, 2022 at 8:15 am UTC · 2 min read

Solcial Goes Live on Solana Mainnet, Betting Big on User Tokens and Community Ownership

Solcial, the first Solana-based social network that allows its users to create and share content that gets rewarded fairly, has just launched on Solana’s mainnet. Since November, Solcial has been invite-only as they finalized some key features. Now with more than 1,200 users onboarded, Solcial is betting big on creators and Web3 enthusiasts that want to explore new possibilities and new income streams.

Solcial allows creators to easily mint and sell their own tokens and even elect to hide content behind a paywall that requires others to hold a certain amount of tokens to access. This is what Solcial is calling the invest-to-subscribe model. Apart from tokens they also allow every user to mint and display NFTs directly on the platform. Being built on Solana means users will experience a quick, convenient, and low-fee experience compared to other networks.

Parker Hoeppner, Social’s Communications Lead, said,

“We felt the Web3 crypto generation needed a platform that wasn’t just building with a few crypto features but was solely crypto-focused. By looking towards new ways we can be decentralized and censorship-resistant we are confident creators will feel comfortable that their revenue streams won’t be interrupted by sudden bans or demonetization tactics that Web2 platform have implemented.”

What makes Solcial unique to other blockchain social networks is their focus on quality. Solcial’s reward mechanism rewards users that provide the most benefit and value, with the most upside. This aligns interests and discourages content and engagement farming with low-quality delivery.

Parker Hoeppner added,

“We didn’t want to just build a social network where the creators got paid, we want to even give their fans a way to earn. Completely shifting the incentive structure from keeping their attention to finding new ways to provide value.”

Solcial is still rolling out its IPFS data structure which will be the first of its kind. Fully allowing users to post without censoring – only reasonable community moderation. The team is currently launching the iOS and Android apps, and deploying new updates such as encrypted private messages between users and other community requested features.

To learn more and mint your user token visit the website.


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