Sony Uses Blockchain for Open Sharing of Educational Data

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Sony Uses Blockchain for Open Sharing of Educational Data
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The Sony Global Education has announced a blockchain-based technology with the ability to house and share academic proficiency and progress records.

Blockchain has been in focus of attention recently due to its possible application to financial sphere. However, the technology underpinning bitcoin shows a great potential not limited to the finance. Sony Global Education Inc. is seeking to expand the possibilities of blockchain and adapts it to the educational field.

The Sony Global Education has presented a blockchain-based technology that houses educational data – such as an individual’s academic proficiency records and measures of progress – and realizes it between two specified parties. Sony believes that the technology with the potential to become a central system for candidates and their test results, can realize an entirely new infrastructure system.

“For example, after taking an examination to demonstrate his or her academic proficiency level, an individual could direct the testing organization to share the test results with one or more third-party evaluating organizations. This would be a first if implemented on a system-wide basis.”

Educational and evaluation methods are changing with time, so now it’s extremely important to keep up to date. Sony Global Education’s new technology will enable open and secure handling of academic data.

The creation of global infrastructure can lead to the creation of the network from many educational institutions, which will result in high credibility in test administration. Sony Global Education also doesn’t want to limit its technology to educational sphere only – it can be used in a wider range of industries, from medical care to environmental services.

Sony Global Education says: “Our mission is to provide a range of unifying, non-traditional services that inspire a passion for learning across the world and that offer the opportunity to act on this passion, and to create a new educational infrastructure for a connected society.”

Sony Global Education has serious plans for blockchain. The company stands its ground that “blockchain can significantly shape the educational landscape of the future.”

The company has organized Global Math Challenge, a worldwide competition that tests participants’ arithmetic and creative thinking skills. More than 150,000 participants from over 80 countries take part in the competition.

Test takers’ scores are calculated not only for correct and incorrect responses, but also for the overall test taking performance, including the time taken to answer questions. The final score is a valuable measurement of test takers’ ability that complies with international standards.

All efforts made by Sony Global Education aim at development and application of a new educational infrastructure in 2017. It is planning to use its new blockchain-based technology in its own service offerings, starting with the Global Math Challenge.

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