SpaceX Buys Ad Campaign on Twitter for Starlink

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SpaceX Buys Ad Campaign on Twitter for Starlink
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It is the first time SpaceX has purchased a big advertising campaign on Twitter.

It seems like Elon Musk cannot stop being the center of attraction for the media. The billionaire’s company SpaceX has allegedly bought a massive advertising campaign from the newly-purchased social media site Twitter. The campaign is all set to advertise SpaceX’s internet service Starlink, which is specifically focussing on a client base in Australia and Spain.

The deal will offer a quarter of a million dollars to Twitter’s account. While the amount isn’t that huge, it suits well with the current decline of Twitter after its recent acquisition by the hot-headed business tycoon.

CNBC recently reported that SpaceX’s Twitter movement is all set to commence in a few days, and will look into positioning Starlink at the apex of Australian and Spanish users’ Twitter timelines for a day. The customers will also be shown ads for Starlink initially three times as they log into their Twitter accounts during the campaign.

It is the first time SpaceX has purchased a big advertising campaign on Twitter, with Musk easily hogging all the attention for making news in the tech industry. With the current downturn of one of the most popular social media sites on the internet, Musk has been desperately trying to make the numbers profitable after the plunge of $44 Billion into purchasing the microblogging platform. The billionaire also had to sell around $4 billion of Tesla shares to buy the platform.

Musk’s delusional ideas about the site included spontaneously firing Twitter’s top ex-executives, initiating mass layoffs of more than half of the employee base along with eighty percent of the contractors, and the much-talked-about ‘blue tick’ offering for verification for 8 Dollars.

The consequences for the billionaire have been severe, with several clients purchasing badges to mimic other persons. With Twitter’s prevailing staff too small to handle all the chaos, Musk has more or less become a laughing stock for the public. Many of the fired workers were requested to join work on an urgent basis, however, most of the workers are reluctant to join the company after the change of leadership.

Twitter’s advertisers have also halted their expenditure on the platform, with the present mess. This could also be a firm reason for SpaceX to contribute to another of Musk’s companies. However, there’s only so much SpaceX can do to stop Twitter from drowning.

In 2021, Twitter generated around $5 Billion in revenue, a 35% increase year-over-year. Advertisements accounted for ninety-two percent of Twitter’s revenue last year, making advertisements critical pillars for the site.

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