SpaceX Raises Over $346 Million as It Prepares to Launch Next-Level Human Space Exploration

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SpaceX Raises Over $346 Million as It Prepares to Launch Next-Level Human Space Exploration
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SpaceX announced that it had raised $346.2 million in its recent funding round, bringing the total raised since January 2019 to $1.7 billion. Today is the day Elon Musk’s SpaceX will launch its next level of human space exploration.

Elon Musk’s led space exploration company, Space Exploration Technology Corporation (SpaceX), is taking space exploration to a whole new level that no other private company has done on that scale. They are preparing to launch a next-level human space exploration. The company, which is valued at over $36 billion, announced that it raised a total of $346.2 million in its recent funding round, hence bringing its total funding for the past eighteen months to around $1.7 billion.

As a result of the high valuation, SpaceX remains one of the most valuable private company before going public through an IPO. The company specializes in aerospace manufacture and also space transportation based in Hawthorne, California.

Led by the ingenuity of a well-supported team both by the government and the company’s leadership, SpaceX is promising to work with NASA and other bodies to take further space exploration.

Successful Missions

At the beginning of this year, the company announced that it successfully completed a number of space flights including the in-flight test of Crew Dragon launch escape capabilities. According to the SpaceX statistics, it had a successful launch of 86 missions, 51 total landings and a total of 35 reflown rockets.

The company’s mission to make humanity multi-planetary has made the company stand out among other space programs. Currently, SpaceX is building on the achievements of its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy to deliver better results.

Its Starship spacecraft in collaboration with Super Heavy rocket makes the company have a fully reusable transportation system. Among its further mission remains to carry crew and cargo to the Moon and also Mars, with a capability to carry 100 metric tonnes back to the Earth orbit.

SpaceX Deal with the Army to Explore Space

Besides, the U.S. Army announced that it has signed a three-year deal with SpaceX in order to test its Starlink satellite broadband service according to SpaceNews. The deal, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), was signed on May 20 to determine whereby the army can use SpaceX service to roll out for wider use.

SpaceNews reported:

“The Army, in this case, wants to be able to access the performance of the Starlink low-Earth orbit (LEO) internet service when connected to military systems. The Army will seek answers to key questions such as what ground equipment it will need to use Starlink and how much systems integration work could be required”.

Will SpaceX make a new history? Let’s wait and see.

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