best bitcoin wallet

BTCC Launches Multicurrency Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Mobi for Android and iOS
March 21st, 2017

One of the largest bitcoin exchanges has released a first mobile app that will enable transfers in more than a hundred different currencies, including gold and silver.

Meet KeepKey: a $239 Hardware Wallet for Your Bitcoins
September 24th, 2015

KeepKey offers a new, more secure way to keep your bitcoins – a separate device connected to a personal computer.

Bitfinex Teams Up with BitGo to Offer World’s First ‘Proof of Reserve’ Bitcoin Exchange
June 5th, 2015

Bitfinex and BitGo developed the most secure bitcoin wallet based on multi-signature technology.

BitPay Releases Multisig Wallet ‘Copay’ Version 1.0
June 4th, 2015

BItpay is releasing the first version of Copay that protects bitcoin transactions to the highest order by requiring multiple signatures/approvals before funds are moved.

Coinbase Places Last in Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rankings
May 24th, 2015

Coinbase bitcoin wallet receives a poor score for overall wallet privacy.

CryptoLabs Launches with Bitcoin Storage Hardware
November 18th, 2014

CryptoLabs has introduced new hardware cryptocurrency wallet with improved security that will allow users to send, buy and receive bitcoins.

AirBitz Launches Touchless Mobile Bitcoin Wallet for New Bitcoin Users
October 7th, 2014

Airbitz released its new mobile bitcoin payments platform designed for novice digital currency users.

KryptoKit Unveils RushWallet: a Fast, Frictionless and Login-Free Bitcoin Wallet
August 7th, 2014

KryptoKit’s RushWallet allows a quick bitcoin wallet creation, accessible from any device and with full user control of keys.