Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC announces that new altcoin named Zcash has been added to the list of tradable currencies, opening a new ZEC/BTC market.

Neurotoken (NTK) Secures Listing on HitBTC Exchange
May 10th, 2018

Neuromation is excited to announce that NTK will begin trading on HitBTC this week.

April 14th, 2018

AdHive, the first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers, is happy to announce that in April 2018 ADH token will be listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges.

April 2nd, 2018

Patron, an influencer marketing platform based in Japan, has recently started its TGE offering a 35% bonus to early contributors.

March 8th, 2018

BetterBetting speeds up the development of its decentralized sports betting platform, as the 2018 FIFA World Cup is right on the horizon.

March 3rd, 2018

A decentralised peer-to-peer sports betting system BetterBetting will soon have its very own BETR token listed on a global trading platform HitBTC.

trade.io Announces Historic Partnerships  & Introduces Tiered Structure Further to Community Demand
December 5th, 2017

trade.io is a highly anticipated upcoming ICO that is set to disrupt the financial markets.

Trade.io Trade Token to be Listed on HitBTC Exchange
November 28th, 2017

Trade.io has announced the launch of its partnership with HitBTC Exchange.

AML BitCoin Announces Listing on HitBTC Exchange
November 25th, 2017

AML BitCoin is pleased to announce it will start trading on HitBTC in December.

Pro Traders Welcome: HitBTC Launches Over-the-Counter Trading
November 23rd, 2017

HitBTC – global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013. The exchange has markets for trading digital assets, tokens and ICOs and provides a wide range of tools as well as stable uptime.

Exchange Union (XUC) Has Been Listed on CoinMarketCap
October 31st, 2017

Exchange Union’s Token XUC, a universal coin to enable cross-exchange trading, сlearing, deposits and withdrawals, has been listed on CoinMarketCap.

The First Token Secured with Applied Business Knowledge
October 25th, 2017

After the successful completion of the BMCHAIN platform ICO, during which $1,564,897 have been collected, Business Molodost company, being actively involved in the launch and development of the project, announced the start of their own business courses sales for BMT tokens with a discount of up to 50%.

Exchange Union’s Token XUC Has Been Listed on HitBTC Today
October 23rd, 2017

Exchange Union Coin (XUC) is a universal coin to enable cross-exchange trading, clearning, deposits and withdrawals.

Centra Tokens (CTR) Added To HitBTC Exchange
October 13th, 2017

Centra Tech are proud to announce that their Centra Token (CTR) will soon be added to the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange – HitBTC.