IPSX Launches Global IP Address Marketplace to Solve a Billion Dollar Problem
October 23rd, 2018

The sharing economy is not limited to physical assets.

IPSX Announces Partnerships and Launches Beta Version of IP Sharing Platform
April 21st, 2018

Using the blockchain technology, IPSX wants to provide an open and free marketplace to let users make money by sharing unused IPs from all over the globe.

IPSX Moving Forward at a Fast Pace: the IPSX Token is Already Tradable on Qryptos and Bibox, Launches Demo and Announces Big Partnerships
April 17th, 2018

IPSX, the first blockchain-powered IP Address Sharing platform, is set on a road to success, making fast progress and establishing itself as one of the most promising tokens in the altcoin ecosystem.

IPSX Platform Serves for Seamless IPs’ Sharing in Open and Censorship Free Environment
March 21st, 2018

IPSX announced the time for fully decentralization, enabling users and actors from all sectors to securely and directly exchange content without sharing it with corporations or service providers.

Following a Successful TGE, IP Exchange Announces the Launch of Demo Platform
March 18th, 2018

IPSX, the first fully-decentralized IP Sharing platform, recently announced the launch of a demo version of the platform (MVP) for sharing IP addresses after successful TGE.

IPSX Token Sale Ended Successfully. Demo Version of the Platform Coming Soon
March 14th, 2018

IPSX, the core component that aims to create distributed network layer in the new web 3.0 movement, has recently completed its Token Generation Event.

Internet Pioneer IPSX Announces TGE Following Successfully Concluded Private ICO
February 10th, 2018

IPSX, a decentralized exchange for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications, has announced its TGE after a successful private token sale event.

IPSX Announces Token Generation Event and Private Investment Results
February 8th, 2018

IPSX is a smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token used as an incentivized mechanism of sharing IPs among actors from all over the world and a framework to build applications that require IPs built in a reliable and transparent environment.