IPSX Announces Partnerships and Launches Beta Version of IP Sharing Platform

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IPSX Announces Partnerships and Launches Beta Version of IP Sharing Platform
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Using the blockchain technology, IPSX wants to provide an open and free marketplace to let users make money by sharing unused IPs from all over the globe.

IPSX, the decentralized IP sharing marketplace that leverages blockchain technology for a fairer decentralized exchange, has announced a public demo of its platform that allows people to earn tokens by sharing unused IP addresses.

IP addresses are considered a valuable asset with low liquidity due to the lack of a simple service for sharing IPs. Today, they are delivered by centralized providers that are limited by proprietary payment systems, closed networks, and other constraints.

IPSX is the first solution that in addition to IP sharing exchange, offers a framework to allow developers build new apps on top of IPs shared by the IPSX community. The key feature of the platform is an Ethereum-based transaction system that enables direct payments between users and thus increases the liquidity of IP resources.

Decentralized IP Sharing Made a Reality

The startup’s announcement follows a successful token sale of IPSX’s native token, simply dubbed ‘IPSX Token’, which brought the team over $8 million USD in investments. Now, the company is already giving potential consumers a taste of what decentralized IP sharing is by giving them an insider look at the value that it may soon provide.

A demo of the product is publicly available and can be accessed here for those interested in testing the beta client. It first went live on April 2nd, 2018 and is a “concept demo” whose function is to demonstrate how the idea of IP sharing would work in a very basic or vanilla way on the IPSX platform. Thus, it’s far from being at a final stage as many features and functionalities are yet to be implemented. Additionally, a wiki has been integrated into the demo to describe most of the platform’s processes and features.

IPSX will be gradually adding more features to the client on its way to making the concept a commercial reality. Some of the main features include:

  • Trading engine. This will automatically do the matching between requester and provider based on predefined filters;
  • Cross device applications. The applications will be released on all major operating systems and will allow users to share and use a shared IP address in a user friendly environment;
  • Automatic payment using blockchain capabilities. This will also be implemented on later stages, alongside trading engine and applications and will allow automatic payment generation when the sharing process is done.

IPSX: Accumulating Allies

The startup has secured strategic partnerships with some major tech companies, such as Data Center Luxembourg — a cloud and connectivity services provider — and most recently Anatomi, which is one of the most highly regarded blockchain projects in the IoT field, according to IPSX’s press release regarding this subject. The co-founder and CEO of IPSX, George Bunea, commented on the most recent partnership with Anatomi, saying:

“IoT devices are connected to the internet and have unused IP addresses, so a possible partnership with Atonomi comes naturally. What’s more, having trustful devices with identity and reputation to be a part of the core of the distributed network layer sounds like a great starting point.”

Going forward, the team has stated that a primary objective they have is to form even more business relationships with reputable tech companies, thereby strengthening their position in the crypto sphere. In addition to this, the startup is looking to expand its core team and is on the hunt for bright minds they believe will help them carry out their core mission of implementing a decentralized platform for incentivizing IP sharing.

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