DAOStack Token GEN To Be Listed on Two New Exchanges
October 25th, 2018

DAOStack has announced the listing of its native token GEN on the Liquid crypto exchange, the relaunched version of two exchanges owned by Quione, Quionex, and Qryptos.

Quoine Unveils Liquid, a New Crypto Platform with Access to Worldwide Crypto Exchanges
September 6th, 2018

Liquid accessibility to bolster sector-wide liquidity.

The Changing Face of Retail In The Age of the Internet and Decentralization
August 22nd, 2018

A decentralized online retail ecosystem Shopin is set to build a healthier and more rewarding retail ecosystem, which connects shops and businesses with customers without sacrificing personal data privacy.

Japanese Licensed Exchange QRYPTOS to list FarmaTrust FTT Tokens
August 10th, 2018

FarmaTrust is delighted to announce that its FTT token will be listed on the Qryptos exchange.

Meet XAYA: New Generation Combining Blockchain Technology and Gaming
August 6th, 2018

An exciting new development has come into force where blockchain technology and gaming come together as one – the next generation of video games has truly arrived.

Kryll.io Automated Crypto Trading Strategies Platform Gets Listed on QRYPTOS
July 18th, 2018

Kryll.io, the Automated strategies trading platform announced that its KRL token will be listed on popular cryptocurrency exchange QRYPTOS on the 18th of July 2018.

SportsCastr Announces Private Token Sale for FanChain
June 28th, 2018

NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern-backed FanChain available on QRYPTOS June 30th.

AdHive Has Listed ADH Token on QRYPTOS Exchange, Ready to Be Added to HitBTC on April 17th
April 14th, 2018

AdHive, the first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers, is happy to announce that in April 2018 ADH token will be listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Established Media Token 1WO Now Listed on QRYPTOS Exchange
March 18th, 2018

Being listed on QRYPTOS, 1World Online continues to develop a “conflict-free” media environment with good user experience and monetization via ads.

First of its Kind 1WO Media Token Gets Listed on QRYPTOS
March 14th, 2018

A blockchain-powered engagement & monetization platform for publishers & brands 1World Online is proud to announce that first of its kind 1WO media token was recently listed on popular exchange platform QRYPTOS, following one of the most successful US-based crowd sales.