Established Media Token 1WO Now Listed on QRYPTOS Exchange

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Established Media Token 1WO Now Listed on QRYPTOS Exchange
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Being listed on QRYPTOS, 1World Online continues to develop a “conflict-free” media environment with good user experience and monetization via ads.

Like many other traditional industries, the media business is going through a major transformation powered by new technologies. The introduction of blockchain into the advertising industry helps to establish proper business models implemented via new user experiences and supported by a real and sustainable solution that creates a “win-win” situation between publishers and their audiences.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley California, 1World Online is a blockchain-powered engagement & monetization platform that equally treats all participants of media environment as legitimate active users with rights of their own in contrast to the scheme driven by a few monopolistic players where people are more like cookie-tagged “subjects of advertising” in respective “digital prisons”.

This innovative approach eliminates both monopolism of these behemoths and turns the digital economy back over to people with proper experiences, ownership of their online identity, and incentives that bring more value to them.

The internal economy of 1World Online ecosystem maintains on the circulation of its own cryptocurrency named 1WO token that is used to conduct all payments inside such an ecosystem. Following an $11 million-worth performance on its crowd sale event, the 1WO media token has recently been listed on the popular exchange platform QRYPTOS.

From the very beginning, the issued token mass is designed to support the growing volume of transactions inside of the ecosystem during the scaling, which implies ongoing organic growth of the 1WO Token buying power. The working objective of the company is to transform advertisement markets while taking on industry giants, such as Google, through a scheme of distributing 1WO tokens that users win for interaction via 1World Online advertising tools.

The overarching currency of the 1World ecosystem act as an incentive for audiences to participate in the 1World network, providing feedback and creating content for the websites and publishers involved. On their turn, businesses that are willing to upload advertisements or conduct research through mini surveys have to pay a certain amount of 1WO tokens.

The surveys are conducted by placing questions for audiences in a network of over 2,000 participating sites. 1WO tokens are being pushed to become the leading cryptocurrency for ICO deal flow, as the 1World’s ecosystem has an outreach of over 100 million people internationally.

Since the successful completion of the 1World ICO in November 2017, the company continues to focus on the development of further products and business itself. To date, over 1 million individuals have had an opportunity to earn 1WO tokens through revenue shares from publishers and brands. This is accrued through the process of online participation with interactive tools, such as polls and quizzes.

In the hopes of facilitating an organic deal between publishers and brands, by now 1WO has been listed on one of the most reputable exchange platforms, QRYPTOS whose compelling features include:

  • First Class Security Measures: The exchange utilizes multi-factor authentication, dedicated private servers, and bitcoin multi-sig wallets where funds are placed in offline cold storage.
  • Robust API: QRYPTOS has an open API that allows access to the key features of the platform.
  • Crisp Trades: QUOINE’s matching engine is capable of processing nearly one million transactions every second, providing a responsive user experience when placing orders.
  • Analytics: QRYPTOS provides users with free charting trend indicators, live charts, and essential charting tools.
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