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Maxonrow Joins the Blossoming Blockchain Industry in Kuala Lumpur and Taipei
June 26th, 2019

One of the emerging blockchain firms in the space, Maxonrow, views the growth of blockchain in Southeast Asia as an opportunity to set a precedent of cooperation between government agencies and blockchain enterprises.

SEC Introduces Long-Awaited Guidance for Token Issuers
April 4th, 2019

The guidance released by SEC includes examples of both networks and tokens that fall under securities laws and outlines projects which do not.

U.S. SEC Chairperson Jay Clayton Clarifies that Ethereum is Not a Security
March 13th, 2019

In his answer letter, Jay Clayton opens up on defining ICO tokens as securities saying that there cannot be a static approach to deal with different crypto assets. Meanwhile, according to the agency’s laws, Ethereum is not the case.

XRP Seems to Be the Top Candidate For the Bull Run in 2019, and Here’s Why
December 18th, 2018

XRP has been pretty much asleep for a very long time and as we are approaching the end of 2018, the much-needed news about Ripple’s partnerships with major financial institutions have started erupting in the crypto-space.

Crypto Market Rebounds After SEC’s William Hinman Says Ethereum is Not a Security
June 15th, 2018

Crypto market rebounds, with the world’s largest cryptocurrencies spiking. This follows the news from the US SEC which does not consider Ethereum a security.