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Ripple aims to provide greater market transparency and certainty about current and future XRP supply by placing 55 billion XRP into a transparently managed escrow account.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Reversed Off the Resistance at $0.32, Drop Expected
April 17th, 2019

The Bears need to double their momentum in order to break down the XRP’s demand level of $0.31 and reach the target at $0.30 price level. In case the Bulls defend the demand level of $0.31 sideways movement may continue for a while.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD is Breaking Up $0.36 to Face $0.38 Price Level
April 5th, 2019

XRP price is advancing towards $0.36 level about to break up and face the next hurdles at $0.38. On the downside, a break below $0.35 would aim for $0.33 price level.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Expected to Reach $0.38 Price Level
April 3rd, 2019

After price retracement, XRP price will incline further towards $0.38 resistance level in case the bulls double its momentum. The bears can only take over the market in case the resistance level of $0.36 holds.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Remains Near $0.31 Price Level, Targets $0.32
March 29th, 2019

XRP price will rally towards $0.32 resistance level in case the bullish momentum breakup the resistance level of $0.31 and the bullish candle closes above the level, otherwise, the coin will return to its previous low in case $0.31 supply level holds.

XRP Price Analysis: Bulls Lose the Momentum, XRP/USD Continues to Consolidate
March 15th, 2019

In case the Bears prevail over the Bulls the XRP price will decline towards $0.30, break the level and face the $0.28 demand level. Otherwise, the XRP price may still rally to the north.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Expected to Breakout at $0.32
March 8th, 2019

If Bears push the coin to the lower trend line and the XRP price bounces, there would be a bullish rally and breakout at the upper trend line and the supply level of $0.32. If bears prevail over the bulls at the lower trend line, $0.30 support level is possible.

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Trends of February 27–March 05, 2019
February 27th, 2019

In case the Demand level of $0.31 holds and the Bulls gain enough pressure, the XRP price will range towards $0.34 – $0.38. On the other side, the penetration of the $0.31 price level downside will make the XRP find its support at $0.28 demand level.

Finally Ripple’s XRP Is Available for Trading on Coinbase Pro, Price Shoots
February 26th, 2019

Truly great news come from Coinbase, which, to the joy of large XRP community, decided to add XRP to its professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro.

Here’s How Ripple’s XRP Could Hit $589 or Even $11,400 One Day
February 22nd, 2019

Recently, the XRP Community was divided among the lines of those who believe in a theory and those who don’t. The theory in question is whether XRP will reach $589 in price before the end of the year or even $10,000 one day.

This is How XRP Could Surge by 2000% and Hit $692 in 2019
February 6th, 2019

TheIndependentRepublic.com suggests that one day, XRP may surge by 2,000 percent and reach $692.30 per coin. However, this kind of crazy theory is possible in only one case. Which one? Find out below.