Taklimakan Network Set to Transform Crypto Trading with AI and Blockchain Technology

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Taklimakan Network Set to Transform Crypto Trading with AI and Blockchain Technology

Taklimakan Network is to a provide a unique solution for the cryptoverse by integrating AI, social networking services and an education system into its blockchain-powered platform.

Crypto sphere can undoubtedly be called a fast paced sector sustained by people from different corners of the globe looking to transform the traditional financial approach. People can gain knowledge about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency world from multiple outlets available in the Internet. However, the information is not always presented in the appropriate way, which sometimes affects crypto trading process and public attitude to the crypto sector.

The lack of financial knowledge within crypto community is further crippled by the poor performance of platforms providing crypto services. These platforms are yet to be upgraded with the latest technologies to ensure a hassle free experience for users. Most often than not, traders are left with no option but to utilize various channels for their trading needs such as social media, news sites and more.

Taklimakan.Network is bringing a much needed transformation into crypto trading scene by adding some long overdue features. The blockchain platform based in Singapore is set to deliver a top notch service for cryptocurrency users by becoming a one-stop-service. Taklimakan’s network approach will eliminate the need for multiple platforms. The Network already has a beta version and is offering a unique solution for the cryptoverse by integrating Artificial intelligence (AI), social networking services and an education system into its blockchain-powered platform.

Taklimakan Network’s artificial intelligence integration will ensure a better trading experience for cryptocurrency users as the platform aims to meet all its users trading needs. Taklimakan Network will be a self-sustaining ecosystem providing services and information for a vibrant community of cryptocurrency traders, investors and users to leverage and build on. Exciting features to be offered include:

The platform will offer a full-time news service covering all crypto related activities across the global. In addition, upcoming and current projects will be featured, alongside the opinions of crypto experts. Education Material service will cater towards the needs of both professional and amateur traders. It will be a complete library containing widely distributed crypto information.

Due to the Analytics provided within Taklimakan, a variety of reviews will be at the fingertips of users for better trading and investment decisions. Trading Tools will also be available, which will allow users to tap into the unique strategies and signals used by top traders. There will be also blogs and chat rooms provided for users to engage each other and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Fueled by the need for a easily accessible crypto services, the Taklimakan team of experts from various elite financial institutions like Barclays are set to roll out more unique functionalities in the near future. These functionalities include a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, Freelance Cryptocurrency Exchange and AI.

The purpose of AI functionality is to enable easier trading solutions, whilst an Investment Section will be built for users to showcase their personal projects and possibly gain investment support from the community. Furthermore, Taklimakan is looking to develop varieties of entertaining Games for traders to chose from. There will also be a Crypto Marketplace for mainstream platforms interested in receiving cryptocurrency payments.

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