Talent Industry Market Is About to Turn Blockchain with MDL Talent Hub’s Pre-ITO

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Talent Industry Market Is About to Turn Blockchain with MDL Talent Hub’s Pre-ITO
MDL Talent Hub's team together with NEM China COO in Blockchain Centre, Shanghai Photo: MDL Talent Hub / Twitter

MDL Talent Hub is ready to revolutionize entertainment industry with its very own decentralized talent sourcing platform based on blockchain technology.

Entertainment startup MDL Talent Hub has announced its plans to build a decentralized talent sourcing platform for the entertainment industry, fusing the modern technologies of blockchain and Persistent Immutable Data Storage (PIDS) to facilitate trust. Centered around a pro-consumer marketplace, it will also feature a reputation-based partnership program with reputable brands to raise revenue.

When it comes to entertainment events, such as promotional gatherings, television or camera shoots, or fashion shows, success is highly correlated to the talents involved. Especially when huge amounts of financial and time resources are invested to push a product or idea, the use of talents becomes increasingly important.

However, these talents – entertainers, hosts and speakers – often find themselves manipulated by their own desire to be recognized, forced to accept abuse, fraud and bad treatment for the sake of “making it big”. On the other hand, it can also be challenging for brands to work with established talents, all the time searching for the ones who would conduct themselves professionally. Sometimes they realize they have done bad matches, but it is usually being discovered only after bookers and talents are already engaged contractually.

Cognizant of the persistent problems faced by the talent market, MDL Talent Hub believes that there is a legitimate call for a transparent channel of trust, whereby reputations of both bookers and talents can be openly accessed and verified.

In today’s fast moving world the influence of modern technologies on different markets economies is obvious. Unfortunately, this leads to many common professions being displaced by more effective and efficient solutions. This undesirable result of disruptive innovations is one that MDL aims to avoid. The company sees its fundamental goal in creating more jobs instead of reducing the need for them, while giving more value to the lives of participants.

MDL believes that the easier talents can find their own paying audience, the stronger is people’s willingness to monetize the time spent on their entertainment. In such a way, the idea of talent market seems to be a perfect solution.

Due to PIDS technologies, such as IPFS, CXO, and others, MDL Talent Hub is ready to introduce the option of storing information in a distributed way, while keeping it on user devices. The mechanism is simple – the more participants the platform includes, the faster speed and higher security level can be guaranteed.

Users and miners who contribute storage space for information on talents and events will be rewarded in the form of MDL tokens. Designated with the symbol MDL.life, these tokens will be created upon the WAVES platform with a token supply of 100 million MDL.life (MDL).

To raise the necessary funds for further development and cross-border scaling, MDL will organize a major crowd funding event in the form of Initial Token Offering (ITO) planning to reach an estimated amount of CAD 20 million untill March 2018.

In order to gain the financial basement for the main sale, MDL aims firstly to raise CAD 500,000 through a Pre-ITO which is currently in process and will last until January 31st, 2018.

To participate, contributors must first install a Waves wallet. Contributions can be made via major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCC, ETC, SKY, WAVES, https://www.coinspeaker.com/coins/dash and Zcash.

Half of the total token supply will be up for sale during the Pre-ITO at a base average price of $0.01. This price will be increased by five times during the main public sale.

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