Tesla Plans to Finish Up the Construction of Texas Plant by this Year, Will Cost around $1.1B

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Tesla Plans to Finish Up the Construction of Texas Plant by this Year, Will Cost around $1.1B
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Tesla’s new automobile factory that is coming up in Austin, Texas, will cost Musk more than $1 Billion. The massive workshop, which is being called the Gigafactory, will essentially finish up the construction of its major elements by December 31st.

According to construction filings with the Texas Department of Regulation, the plan is to conclude the construction of some vital areas in the complex before the commencement of the next year. With a significant budget of at least $1.06 Billion, the company aims to manufacture electric pickup trucks, Cybertrucks as well as Model 3 and Model electric vehicles.

The Gigafactory is a 2000 acre-complex with multiple facilities. The legal sanctions prove that Tesla‘s earlier disclosures over the development near the Colorado River will finish well in time. The construction in those specific areas can, therefore, commence the productions of automobiles very soon while the company puts in large amounts of money for the rest.

Tesla Texas Plant Backgrounds

Tesla’s decision to shift the main office from California to Texas, recently in October, demanded a symbolic gesture that epitomized the migration effectively. The Travis County facility in Texas was initially announced in 2020. In a meeting with their shareholders in October, Tesla acknowledged the noteworthy progress of Gigafactory. It also mentioned the undergoing procedure of ordering and manufacturing essential equipment for their initial pre-production automobiles.

According to the Texas filings on November 19th, Tesla began erecting the infrastructure in September and November 2020. The plants that were first to undergo construction were designed for body-work, stamping, casting, painting, and full-vehicle assembly at the plant. The combined area occupied by these complexes will sum up to around 4.2 Mn square feet.

While the new facility in Texas is coming up fast and steady, Tesla also manages plants in California, Nevada, and Shanghai while another is being built in a place close to Berlin. In a few get-togethers with the district official, Tesla had claimed that they were aiming to allocate around $1.1Bn to the Texas plant. The company consequently, received a tax break of about $14.7 Million.

Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin said in an interview that the company is an immaculate match for the city and the region. Tesla also has significant plans to hire and recruit a huge number of employees near the plant.

In an interview in 2020, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk had stated that the factory would be visually very appealing due to its strategic location near the Colorado River. Musk plans to construct a boardwalk along with a hiking and biking trail. He went on to call the factory an ‘ ecological paradise’.

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