Tesla Tests Its Solarglass in the U.S. as It Prepares to Expand to Europe and China

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Tesla Tests Its Solarglass in the U.S. as It Prepares to Expand to Europe and China
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Tesla has been ramping up installations of its solar tiles roofs (Solarglass) in the United States as it is planning to venture new markets in Europe and also in China.

Tesla has been installing its new solar tile roofs alias Solarglass in the San Francisco Bay area to its customers since it launched the program in October last year. According to the Company’s CEO Elon Musk through a series of tweets, the company is looking for new markets in Europe and also in China.

According to Musk, the company is looking forward to increasing the production from its factory located at Buffalo New York. The company is also eyeing at increasing the ramp installation to 1000 new roofs per week, according to Musk.

After a series of pre-testing the roof tiles, Elon assured the customers of the good quality and return of their investment. Since the company unveiled Solarglass back in 2016, a number of testing has been conducted to eliminate any possible errors before launching back in October.

According to Elon, Solarglass will first come in textured black as plans to include more colors are underway. He is hopeful the company will be set to produce the solar roof tile in different colors later in the course of the year.

Tesla Solarglass Details

Details from the Tesla’s website pricing estimator shows that a solar tile roof that has 10 kW of solar, installed on an average 2,000 square-roof home would cost a customer around $42, 500. However, the cost is calculated before federal tax incentives are put into consideration.

The company advertises the solar tile roof as the best option for the other sources of energy due to the fact that it is cheap to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Whether the market accepts it or not, it will be based on the service offered and the durability of the product compared to the ones already in the market. However, Tesla has deployed a huge team of engineers to present the best technology in the market in order to compete strongly with other huge solar tile providers and also make it affordable to most homes.

Elon Musk on Tesla April Company Talk

As the company prepares to offer the new product in different parts of the world, Elon the CEO announced that there will be a new Tesla April company talk. The talk is expected to come in place of the initial Battery and Power-train investor day meant to be held at Giga NY, Buffalo.

As the company has been doing every year to showcase its tech advancement to investors, it is expected that the Solarglass will be the flagship of this year’s talk.

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