Tigereum is working on an interesting project of using social media for sending and receiving cryptos instantly and chip-in more user participation into the mainstream.

There is absolutely no doubt to the fact that the awareness and adoptions of cryptocurrencies over the past two years have increased exponentially. However, if cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin aim to come to the mainstream and be used for daily transactions (replacing fiat currencies), it still has to cater to a huge customer base.

In the past decade, the exploding growth of social media has made it possible for people to instantly connect with anyone and everyone across the globe. Businesses like Facebook which offer a smooth and unique customer experience have gained an upper-edge over other businesses by giving the power of social media in the hands of people. As on date, a large number of people have their presence on social networking platforms which allows to instantly communicate with their friends and family.

Tigereum aims to the same what social media has done to technology. In the past two years, there has been an unparallel growth in investors participating in the world of virtual digital currencies. But currently, if a crypto-guy has to send  to a non-crypto friend, he/she has to undergo a lengthy process of converting the tokens to fiat, transferring the money to bank and again transferring it to the accounts of non-crypto friends.

However, the concept being unique in its own ways and new to many, it has still not able to strike-the-chords with the average person on the street. Only tech-savvy people and early adopters of crypto are dealing with the process of trading and transferring virtual digital currencies.

Darren Olney-Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of Tigereum says: “Experienced crypto users may well have learned to navigate this process with ease by now, but there is a better way. We aim to make it easier for you to securely send crypto to your non-crypto friends.”

By using the decentralized Blockchain technology, Tigereum aims to help users to get rid of the confusing process of using digital wallet addresses and exchanges. Mr. Olney-Freser said “We will make it possible to send crypto to someone who doesn’t have a digital wallet, so they can deposit it directly into their nominated fiat bank account,”

In order to penetrate this untapped market of cryptocurrencies, Tigereum offers a solution which makes it absolutely easy to sending or receiving cryptos by sending a photo on Facebook or by just tweeting to your friends and family. Tigereum says that it can do this by attaching money to instant messages. Tigereum is already testing this solution and by using a prototype of instant messaging Bot.

With billions of photos, message and tweets being shares on daily basis across social media platform, Tigereum says that for cryptocurrencies to come to the mainstream, sending and receiving messages should be as easy. This one-touch transaction process will ensure more participation and will get people out of the fear-zone of using them. Tigereum’s instant messaging Bot can help users to send or receive a small amount of money to friends and family in just a fraction of seconds.

Such small user-friendly projects which make it easy for people to understand and use cryptocurrencies will certainly give a big push for the mainstream adoption of cryptos. The Tigereum token swap will begin from the 8th of December. Visit their website to know about the early benefits of participating in this process.

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