TitanSwap Now Officially Launched: First DEX that Supports AMM Limit Orders

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TitanSwap Now Officially Launched: First DEX that Supports AMM Limit Orders
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TitanSwap realizes the automatic execution of limit orders through the non-custodial method of smart contracts, and users can cancel the order at any time and view the complete limit order history.

Today, TitanSwap is officially launched in the market. Being user-centric, fully compatible with Uniswap mining pools, and supportive to all trading pairs provided in Uniswap with the same liquidity, TitanSwap also supports Metamask plug-in wallets, maximizing the popularity of desktop browser users.

Standing on the shoulders of other DEXs, TitanSwap showed up in the market at this time and can solve many problems in DEX. Being user-oriented, TitanSwap has quickly attracted the attention of many users.

Users who have traded on DEX all know that the user experience of DEX is very different from that of CEX, as DEX users cannot see the K-line, and cannot obtain the historical price of the trading pair through the interface to know the current buying price. Therefore, the lack of clear understanding of the price range makes it impossible to conduct flexible control over transaction execution. In addition, in DEX, users can’t place orders offline, making the operation more difficult for novice investor.

Since liquidity mining got extremely popularUniswap has become the ruler in the swap circle for some time, until new Swap projects appeared in the market. These projects have observed the problems of DEX and carried out a series of incentive mechanisms and innovation, hoping to optimize the ecosystem. However, none of these projects provide a better user experience from a user perspective.

In contrast, TitanSwap not only innovated the incentive mechanism but also make full use of the AMM mechanism, becoming the first DEX on the entire blockchain network to support automated orders under the fully AMM mechanism, abandoning the shortcoming of AMM of not being able to specify price transactions.

TitanSwap realizes the automatic execution of limit orders through the non-custodial method of smart contracts, and users can cancel the order at any time and view the complete limit order history. In this way, when placing an order, it is convenient to conduct transactions in proportion to users’ own funds, which is fast and safe. At the same time, it provides a trading interface to facilitate comparison of transaction price differences under the same transaction volume. TitanSwap conforms to the trading habits of most traders. It is convenient to view the historical transaction price curve and transaction liquidity information at the same time, avoiding blind spots in Swap transactions and providing users with a better experience.

In addition to realizing AMM offline pending orders, TitanSwap has adopted a series of other micro innovations. The most special ones are TITAN Address Audit and Adaptive Bonding Curve.

In verifying scam coins, TitanSwap does not centrally verify them, but adopts TITAN Address Audit, which is similar to a community-based reputation system. The reputation of trading tokens is formed through the list created by the community, and higher reputation forms more widespread dissemination features and gain greater user traffic support.

The Adaptive Bonding Curve can reduce impermanence losses for liquidity providers. TitanSwap dynamically adjusts the curvature of the Bonding Curve to make the curve steeper when the price fluctuates sharply, thereby reducing the profit margin for arbitrage and returning the price to the normal price more quickly and at a lower cost. In addition, the transaction fee of the TitanSwap mining pool is not a fixed 0.3% but can be determined based on the volatility of the trading pair.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that TitanSwap liquidity mining will enter the market at the end of October, with no pre-mining and no reservations. After 10% of the tokens are sold to investors as initial capital, the Titan project will become a real decentralized community project, as the remaining 90% of TITAN tokens will all be released through liquid mining. Compared with the token distribution ratio of 60% in UniSwap’s ecosystem, TitanSwap provides many innovative features while greatly ensuring the interests of users, which will undoubtedly attract a lot of users.

In order to catch up with other projects such as UniswapTitanSwap is actively exploring the implementation mechanism of Layer2. The technical route is consistent with Unipig’s technical route, which will greatly enhance the user experience from the perspective of transaction fees and time lag

Can TitanSwap become the new ruler in the DEX? Let us wait and see. 

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