These Token Creators Became Rich. How Can You Do It Too?

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These Token Creators Became Rich. How Can You Do It Too?
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All entrepreneurs looking to start their crypto projects can use ForkChain and benefit massively from its many features.

The world of crypto has been growing at a decent rate. From the introduction of blockchain to Metaverses, financial analysts could argue that crypto is the way for the future.

One of the most exciting things about crypto is how enthusiasts have made it a potential wealth-generating niche. Investors have gained fortunes using many passive-income earning options like trading and staking. However, one option that many investors have feared or failed to explore is launching their token. In fact, only a few hundred or thousand entrepreneurs have successfully launched crypto projects.

Crypto Creators Who Amassed Wealth


An investor who benefits vastly from creating a crypto token is Ryoshi, the Shiba Inu creator. Ryoshi created and launched Shiba Inu in mid-2020, and the coin has been a major force in crypto ever since.

For instance, in 2021, Shiba Inu surpassed Doge as the largest meme coin. Since listing on Coinmarketcap, Shiba Inu has increased over 17,000,000% in value. Most importantly, early investors like Ryoshi have made fortunes from this token.

Dogelon Mars Anon Founder

Another investor who introduced a crypto token and benefited vastly is the Dogelon Mars founder. The token’s name combines the names of two other famous crypto-related entities, Elon Musk and Doge.

Like some of its predecessors, Dogelon Mars aims to help investors make massive rewards from crypto trading opportunities. The project promises to send its prices to the moon using dog memes. It has a huge following on social networks, amassing hundreds of thousands of fans.

Since its launch barely a year ago, Dogelon Mars has increased by a staggering 9,000%. As a result, the founders made massive benefits from the token.

Director Paul Caslin

One of the most popular creative directors Paul Caslin is another investor and entrepreneur who has benefited from launching tokens. He founded Doge Dash, a meme token gaining popularity rapidly in recent months.

In its early days, Doge Dash traded at about $0.000036. However, a few months later, the coin had increased by over 6,000%. In the coming years, the coin will most likely surge even higher. Regardless of its price evolution, the founder has already made massive gains.

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is another crypto entrepreneur who made millions from the blockchain space. He is the founder of Litecoin, the world’s third crypto to launch. Litecoin has remained at the top level of the crypto world, currently standing at the top 30 cryptos by market cap.

In fact, at the moment, Litecoin is trading at about $104, with a market cap of $7.2 billion. Charlie Lee holds a lot of Litecoins worth millions of dollars.

Brad Garlinghouse, Jed McCaleb, and Chris Larsen

Brad Garlinghouse is another entrepreneur who made it by being part of a crypto project. The current CEO holds some amount of the coin and is worth billions. Chris Larsen, another Ripple executive, holds some amount of the currency. Jaden McCaleb, a Ripple co-founder, is worth a fortune from Ripple.

All the Ripple former and current executives mentioned made massive incomes. XRP has gained over 12000% since launch.

Can You Create Your Crypto Token? A Look at the ForkChain Platform

These entrepreneurial success stories are enough to encourage anyone to create and launch their own tokens. However, this feat might be more difficult than you expect. Here’s why!

Launching a crypto token comes with numerous and complex issues. For instance, the entrepreneurs we mentioned above most likely hired developers to design their projects. They are the ones responsible for all the work behind the scenes. And while all the forefront operations may run smoothly, token development may become very expensive.

ForkChain makes it possible for anyone to develop and launch a crypto token. ForkChain is an App that allows you to create whatever you want on the blockchain without any technical expertise. Furthermore, it will make the process easier in the following ways:

Simple and Cheaper Development Process

The ForkChain App reduces the entire development process to just a few clicks. Using the ready-made ForkChain builders, you will be able to “fork” a token with extensive use and adoption. As a result, ForkChain will save you essential costs and time.

Token Maintenance

Once you decide to use ForkChain, you don’t have to worry about maintenance tasks. Also, you won’t need to hire developers to ensure the token functions as it should. Instead, the ForkChain team will take care of these operations for you.


Using ForkChain provides more financial flexibility for your token. Once you create it, you can define its role in business or trading. Furthermore, you can easily choose its other features, such as taxes.

Token Marketing

ForkChain provides you with all the necessary tools and support to reach a wide audience of potential investors. This way, you can promote your token enough to reach the widest market capacity.

Token Safety

Security has always been a critical issue in developing blockchain applications and tokens. Underdeveloped tokens could have loopholes that hackers might exploit. The ForkChain team will not compromise on security for your token. Instead, it will ensure that your token benefits from maximum security standards and they will constantly audit the Forks they create.

Why You Should Use ForkChain to Create Tokens

ForkChain focuses on offering simplicity to anyone who wants to own a crypto project. All entrepreneurs looking to start their crypto projects can use ForkChain and benefit massively from its features.

ForkChain also focuses on reducing the costs of developing and maintaining crypto tokens and dApps. However, once they create the project, they give you complete control over everything regarding the token.

The platform offers BaaS services to all businesses intending to benefit from blockchain technology. Like the entrepreneurs we mentioned earlier, you too can amass wealth in crypto by launching your token using ForkChain.

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