Tokia: the Fiery Tango of Hard Cash and Cryptocurrencies

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Tokia: the Fiery Tango of Hard Cash and Cryptocurrencies
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The project aims to change the way we perceive banking and financial services, making cryptocurrency payments easy and fast to everyone anywhere.

Bitcoin is no longer seen as an obscure and unpredictable piece of code somewhere deep beyond the understanding of ordinary people. It and many others, such as Ether, Dash, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, are now shining brighter than any other financial asset class.

Some of the most brilliant minds of the world compare the blockchain revolution to the invention of the internet itself. It isn’t hard to see what sort of importance lies beneath the surface of Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrency.

The beginning of everything

The impact of this new technology is only set to increase in the upcoming years. While some say that it is way beyond the reasonable levels of valuation, the reality is – it’s not even close yet. One of the simple aspects for your case study is a fact that none of the cryptocoins are actually easy to buy, trade, keep or sell. Not even speaking about paying for your groceries in Bitcoin, that is hardly possible anywhere in the world. However, the situation is changing.

Nowadays, there are companies like Tokia that aim to simplify the operations in blockchain world, bringing convenient ways to buy, keep and sell bitcoin. There has never actually been a simpler algorithm of buying cryptocurrency that is now suggested by Tokia currency exchange platform.

“In the very beginning of my experience with blockchain world there was overly complicated to buy Bitcoin. However, after all these years nothing has really changed much. Therefore, we realized that there must be a market for a simple, reliable and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange platform. This is the reason why we started Tokia project – people need access to crypto coins. The value is booming, the market is extremely dynamic – all this is asking to give more options for everyday use and additional benefits for those who do,” says Anna Lunhu, the CEO of Tokia.

Major FIAT and cryptocurrencies meet in Tokia

Currently, there are not many FIAT currencies available to choose from when you desire to exchange your cryptocoins. Technically, it can be done with the help of middlemen in the process of conversion but that obviously means prolonged operations and additional cost.

Tokia will be integrating a wide variety of FIAT currencies into the exchange to enable more people buy crypto assets. Moreover, by offering a large number of cryptocurrencies and tokens, the service will ensure that the scope of possible combinations of your investment portfolio will be virtually endless. It will help users to diversify the risk and also get into more potentially promising investment opportunities.

More benefits for everyone

It is not just currencies what brings most attention to Tokia. There are many more benefits for everyone around the world who may decide to get into cryptocurrencies.

When speaking about the benefits of investing via the platform, most people think of the two main features as the most tempting ones. One thing is the possibility to earn interest rate on all your assets that are held in a multi wallet on Tokia platform. Technically, it is as easy as allowing your capital to be lent to other Tokia users via automated algorithms and this will bring you the interest on this capital. It will be transferred to you directly, what eliminates the need to interact with any of the users as the platform will distribute and collect money automatically.

Another feature is the Tokia debit card that will help you to spend Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency that you will decide to hold as an asset. The card will be directly linked to your accounts and will enable you to pay for anything you wish using just this one card. No need to think about converting the assets manually or otherwise overcomplicating the process – all necessary conversions will be done automatically at the moment of purchase of anything you like, anywhere you want.

One of the most impressive features is that paying with Tokia debit card will take you just 2 seconds. It is much quicker than using traditional banking systems and cards, which generally require 3 or more days to perform the same operation.

Tokia starts their ICO

In the first round, early investors will get 47% discount on the limited token edition. It is a great chance to become a part of the revolutionary blockchain adaptation to everyday life. This project will change the way we perceive cryptocurrencies and the scope of their utilization.

Investors purchasing more than 1000 tokens will be able to exchange ten-fold of the capital for free. To all contributors who get 3000 or more tokens Tokia will provide their debit card for free. It is something to look forward to as it is clear that such innovation will revolutionize the blockchain world as we know it today.

The market hard-cap for the pre-sale is only 10 million Tokia tokens. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be the cryptocurrencies accepted during ICO. More importantly, Visa and Master Card will also be accepted.

Tokia ICO pre-sale campaign starts on the 4th of December.




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