Top Crypto Exchanges to Watch in 2022

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Top Crypto Exchanges to Watch in 2022
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Following their noteworthy successes in 2021, here are a few prominent crypto exchanges to look out for in 2022.

Following the promising growth of cryptocurrencies in the last few years and the increasing acceptance of digital assets in the mainstream economy, the crypto ecosystem is witnessing an influx of inexperienced users.

Most users have realized that the easiest on-ramp to crypto trading is centralized exchanges. Though many online platforms are suited for this purpose, not all offer the same features and functions. Either way, crypto exchanges have played a crucial role in helping digital assets gain recognition. In fact, dozens of exchanges had a dream run in 2021, acquiring new customers at a frenetic pace, expanding their footprint into new geographical regions, and most of all contributing immensely towards lowering crypto’s entry barriers.

Following their noteworthy successes in 2021, here are a few prominent crypto exchanges to look out for in 2022.


Binance is the number one crypto exchange by trading volume, offering more than 500 tokens alongside a wide range of crypto-centric products, including futures trading, swap farming, savings account, staking, yield farming, derivatives trading, crypto loans, and much more. The platform also has its own NFT marketplace and launchpad to help creators and new projects.

The platform is accessible for both beginners and experienced traders alike, given it offers basic and advanced trading features. It supports a wide range of fiat currencies and facilitates P2P transactions, making it exceptionally easy for unaccustomed users to get started.

Overall, Binance brings the perfect balance of simplicity and ease of use alongside a myriad of crypto trading options that most exchanges don’t offer, making it one of the most promising exchanges to look out for in 2022.


Positioning itself as an easy on-ramp to crypto investing, especially for new users, Coinbase accepts the lowest deposits and is recognized as the first crypto exchange publicly listed on NASDAQ. Currently, Coinbase offers more than one hundred tokens alongside a range of individual products like Coinbase Exchange, Coinbase Pro for advanced traders, crypto debit cards, crypto-collateralized fiat loans, and much more.

Coinbase is available in more than one hundred countries and ranks among the top exchanges in terms of liquidity. Besides the stellar liquidity conditions, users have numerous value-added benefits available, such as a straightforward user interface, enterprise-grade security, free crypto rewards, cashback, and much more. To top it all, Coinbase is highly regulated, giving it a significant upper hand against other platforms.


The first crypto exchange that we want to talk about is AAX. It is the world’s first crypto exchange powered by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) technology. With the core vision of making crypto accessible for retail and institutional investors, AAX offers a diverse range of products paired with top-notch security, ultra-fast transactions, and exceptionally low trading fees.

AAX currently offers more than 100 spot trading pairs, over 130 tokens, peer-to-peer (P2P) fiat trading, savings account, futures trading, and DeFi mining. Furthermore, the platform is fully CCSS-compliant, ensuring end-to-end safety of funds and client data.

More importantly, the platform has experienced blistering growth, registering a 140% increase in its trading volume during the final three months of 2021, positioning it as the fastest-growing exchange of 2021. Accordingly, there are high chances that AAX will quickly move up the leaderboard ladder in 2022.


Founded in 2014, Gemini has all the tools needed to assemble a competitive digital asset portfolio. Gemini is renowned for its military-grade security and operational compliance, helping it earn the title of the world’s first exchange that has never fallen prey to cyberattacks. It features a diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of institutional and retail investors alike.

The platform operates in more than 60 countries and accepts both crypto and fiat deposits, making it easy for users to begin their crypto journey. Gemini also offers its users ten complimentary withdrawals each month, advanced trading options, crypto savings accounts, crypto credit cards with up to 3% cashback, as well as a free educational hub. Furthermore, the platform rewards new users with $150 worth of BTC on an investment of $1,000 within 30 days of registration.

The Bottom Line

As the number of cryptocurrency exchanges grows, the competition to be the best of the best is advancing. Both existing and new exchanges continuously optimize their products and services to meet the changing consumer demands. At the same time, they are also working to better comply with local and country-specific regulations. With more users entering the crypto ecosystem, the platforms listed above are well equipped to handle the next wave of users in 2022 and beyond.

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