Trump’s Desire to Reopen U.S. Faces Criticism as Testing Rate Remains Low

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Trump’s Desire to Reopen U.S. Faces Criticism as Testing Rate Remains Low
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On Monday, President Donald Trump said that he wants to reopen the country before the schedule. However, he got a lot of criticism as the country faces challenges in mass coronavirus testing.

In a news conference at the statehouse on Monday, April 13, President Donald Trump told the news reporters that he is anticipating to reopen the U.S. before schedule. He declared that as the President of the United States, he has the total authority to do it.

His claim was met by a huge criticism by most ground professionals studying and dealing with the coronavirus. He also attracted friction with the Democratic governors, who are said to have allied to chart their way forward on the coronavirus.

According to the Bloomberg report, the total number of new cases worldwide stands at 70,640, while the number in the U.S. stands at 25,306. It leaves the United States with almost a two-third of the rate of new infections.

Coupling that with the fact that the nation is struggling to keep up with the rate of coronavirus testing due to scarce resources, all odds are against the president’s view of reopening the country.

Experts are arguing that the president is rushing to reopen the country in a bid to save his re-election bid. Months before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the U.S. economy was doing very well, with the unemployment levels hitting the lowest. Besides, most index markets like the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 had risen to their highs.

As a result, the President is doing all he can do to save his best shot to be in the oval office come next term. If he can turn around the crisis to the best opportunity the country has ever experienced, then he will have increased the chances to win the presidential elections.

Trump’s Idea to Reopen U.S. Should be Supported by Over 1 M COVID-19 Tests Per Day

The United States leads in the list of countries most affected by the novel coronavirus. This has prompted the country to significantly increase the rate of testing, whereby the last seven days it has achieved to test more than 100,000 people per day.

However, according to the director of the Yale School of Public Health’s health-care management program Howard Forman, the country requires a capacity of millions of tests per day to be confident in reopening the country.

He said:

“It’s 100% essential. We need to be doing tests on an individual basis to assure the public, send people back to work and prevent people from going to work when they’ve been sick.”

His sentiments contradict Trump who said that the country is “very close to completing a plan to reopen our country even ahead of schedule”.

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