Twitter Blue Subscribers Will Now Get 4000-Character Tweets to Write

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Twitter Blue Subscribers Will Now Get 4000-Character Tweets to Write
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The goal of extending the character limit is to allow Twitter Blue subscribers to publish long-form content instead of choosing to use another website.

On Wednesday, February 8, Twitter announced an important update with the launch of longer tweets facility for Twitter Blue subscribers in the United States. With the latest update, users get the option to tweet up to 4,000 characters.

New Possibilities for Twitter Blue Subscribers

Users opting for this premium service will still continue to get standard tweeting functions such as creating polls, posting pictures, and using hashtags. Twitter explained the existing limitations noting that longer tweets on the web cannot be saved in the form of drafts or scheduled to be sent at a later stage.

The official announcement came through the Twitter Blue handle on the social media platform. This new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers goes live immediately starting today.

If someone you follow is having Twitter Blue and using the extended character feature, there will be a “show more” button to keep it from taking the entire screen. Besides, Twitter Blue subscribers also get the ability to quote retweet or reply in 4,000 characters. The official announcement notes that “while only Blue subscribers can post longer Tweets, anyone and everyone can read them. you can reply to, retweet, and quote Tweet a longer Tweet, no matter if you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber or not. subscribers will be able to reply and QT with up to 4,000 characters”.

Elon Musk Stayss Upto His Promise

After acquiring Twitter last year in October 2022, Elon Musk has been working rigorously to revive the social media platform. He has been streamlining operations and taking feedback to improve cash flows and revenue for the company.

For a while, Elon Musk has been promising in longer tweets. Besides, he also noted that the company was working on adding the ability to format posts such as changing the font size or bolding the words. The Twitter boss said that this new development shall be in the works this quarter of the year.

With the extended characters feature, Musk stated that the goal was to allow subscribers to publish long-form content natively “rather than forcing them to use another website”.

With Elon Musk at the helm of affairs at Twitter, we can expect more features coming for Twitter users ahead of time.

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