Now U.S. Members Can Link Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card to Uphold

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Now U.S. Members Can Link Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card to Uphold
Uphold launched yesterday the ability for U.S. members to fund their Uphold accounts by linking their bank accounts, debit or credit cards, in addition to bitcoin. Photo: Uphold, Inc.

Uphold stands by bitcoin offering new services for U.S. members.

Uphold, a company that has powered over $620 million in transactions by tens of thousands of members across 168 countries, has come up with some exciting announcements recently. It cheered all U.S. members stating they now get a possibility to link a bank account, debit or credit card to their Uphold account.

With this innovation transferring funds to and from account becomes as easy as never before. As a reminder, members used to buy bitcoin to fund Uphold accounts in the USA.

The company says that it is one more step in its global mission “to make it simple and easy for anyone anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in 24 currencies and four commodities instantly, securely and for free.”

Company CEO Anthony Watson says: “Our members deserve a better way to access their hard earned money, faster and without unnecessary fees. Whether saving on checking fees, sending money abroad to family and friends, or handling international business transactions, Uphold is faster and cheaper than traditional services — and entirely more transparent. We are changing the status quo of financial services.”

Information appeared not long ago that Uphold has lost interest in bitcoin and focused its full attention on blockchain technology. Indeed it uses the technology for free currency transfers.

Watson explained why people got used to associating the company with bitcoin first of all: “When we say bit, we don’t mean bitcoin, we never did. We meant bit as is bits and bytes and reserve is obviously holding the value. But people are confused, they think we’re just a bitcoin company and it makes sense as our first use case was bitcoin.”

Recent blog post of J.P. Thieriot, Vice Chairman and Head of the Reserve & Investor Relations at Uphold, rebuts the data.

According to it, Uphold continues working with the cryptocurrency being the cheapest and fastest place on planet earth for bitcoin. It underlines that the company offers a free way to buy, hold, convert and send bitcoin although there are still some particular fees. They include:

  • Credit & debit card fees. A fee of 2.75% applies to members who choose to fund their Uphold account with a debit and/or credit card. Visa and MasterCard initially.
  • For United States based members it’s completely free to withdraw value out of and off Uphold up to $12,000 or 60 Bitcoin per year. Thereafter, a small fee of 0.5% (to cover external costs and charges) applies to transaction amounts above members’ annual limits.

Thus, Uphold stands by bitcoin and welcomes everyone to join the best bitcoin society!

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