US Capital Global Unveils Hedge Fund with Investments in Coinbase, Bakkt

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by Wanguba Muriuki · 2 min read
US Capital Global Unveils Hedge Fund with Investments in Coinbase, Bakkt
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The US Capital Global Securities (USCGS) has joined other institutional cryptocurrency and blockchain investors by adding holdings in Nomics, Bakkt, Coinbase, and Tagomi in its investment portfolio.

The crypto industry is attracting more institutional investors despite the volatility and bearish trends attacking the market quite often. The latest institutional whale to join the nascent industry is the US Capital Global Securities (USCGS), which is a FINRA-regulated associate of private investment bank US Capital Global. This firm stated that it will add a tokenized venture fund in its portfolio. The new venture will feature holdings in Nomics, Bakkt, Coinbase, and Tagomi.

All accredited investors can place a $10 million equity stakes in the NYCQ Fund to increase their crypto leverage. That fund is designed by the venture capital firm CityBlock Capital. The fund, of which the institution is the select placement agent, supposedly has holdings in major companies in the blockchain and financial technology industries.

Currently, the fund does not hold investments in any cryptocurrencies. However, it stakes equity investments in the crypto start-ups. Former Goldman Sachs, Google, SoftBank Capital, and Wells Fargo employees manage, develop, and oversee the Fund. The US Capital Global manages direct investment funds and offers wealth management and capital raise services.

The investment vehicle is only provided by US Capital’s subsidiary US Capital Global Securities. The US Capital Global Securities CEO, Charles Towle, said:

“Combining low minimum investment amounts and early liquidity opportunities, the Fund gives accredited investors access to blockchain infrastructure investments normally available to institutional investors.”

Nonetheless, the US Capital Global did not respond to a request for comment. Towle added that the investment opportunities in the fund are still open. This new move is interesting since it takes equity position normally crypto-based start-ups. That decision, on one hand, can reduce the risks involved but could also reduce the upside for the investor.

According to reports from last week, crypto data and financial technology startup Digital Asset Data revealed that it got $3.2 million in funding. Earlier this July, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture fund spearheaded a $3.75 million seed round for Horizon Blockchain Games, a blockchain-powered video game studio.

Speculators believe that the US Capital Global has an idea of where the nascent crypto market is headed. Hence, they are investing in blockchain infrastructure opportunities that will propel them to significant gains. With more institutional whales joining the crypto scene, it means that the nascent industry seems to have a  promising future after all.

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