USA Today Uses the Bitcoin Logo to Celebrate FEC Decision

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USA Today Uses the Bitcoin Logo to Celebrate FEC Decision
The Federal Election Commission (FEC) unanimously approved its use as a political donation Thursday, May 8th, 2014, after months of debate on the issue. Photo: Siarhei Karotki/Coinspeaker

USA Today, the 2nd largest newspaper in the U.S. to celebrate the news that Bitcoin is now approved for political campaign contributions replaced its own logo with a Bitcoin’s one.

The second largest newspaper in the United States, The USA Today, added a bitcoin to its own logo as a way to celebrate the news about the virtual currency being approved for political campaign distributions.

The Bitcoin logo appears on the newspaper’s website as well as on its printed copy that is widespread across the U.S.

The USA Today, headquartered in Virginia, is currently presented in all fifty states also distributing the paper to the  District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The newspaper sells for $2.00 USD at newsstands and are available free of charge at airports and hotels at offer it to their visitors.

According to statistics regarding the USA Today distribution for the second half of 2012, the newspaper distributed 1.7 million print and digital editions.

Moreover,  it’s combined website have almost 32.2 million unique visitors and 594 million page views.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) unanimously allowed political committees to accept Bitcoin donations up to $100 worth.

Such a decision is a good one, not only for Bitcoin but for the whole Bitcoin community in general. Moreover it shows the fact that to spend Bitcoin is politically protected activity.

Bitcoin Legitimacy Growing

At the moment it is hard for government and others to discuss the legality of Bitcoin, but in overall the Bitcoin legitimacy is growing.

Now that Bitcoin can be used to make campaign contributions and it has been approved by the U.S. Government. Moreover the Bitcoin community member are able to purchase their politicians.

Bitcoin has been controlled by the Federal Election Commission and it is obvisous that along with all the regulations Bitcoin acceptance growing , and at this moment it’s reaching a political level.

The changes should be made regarding the $100 donation limit but apparently this is not a big issue and can be easily discussed.

However, at this stage the anonymity is the main one, in addition it’s unclear how they plan to eliminate this issue and how they change the laws.

It would be hard to trace payments against individuals who are working hard and have finances so that they willing not to be traced.

In overall it is a great step for Bitcoin promotion. Just imagine when big Bitcoin logo is displayed on the newspaper that over 7 million people read daily, that is definitely a right way to the future where Bitcoin is widely accepted.

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