Vaultitude Creates Unified Blockchain-Based Solution for Intellectual Property Management

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Vaultitude Creates Unified Blockchain-Based Solution for Intellectual Property Management
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Vaultitude, blockchain-based IP protection & management software solution, is developing the browser-based software that can work with all the types of intellectual property reducing the costs of its obtaining and protecting.

Creating intellectual property requires lots of talent and skills. However, obtaining and protecting it may become even more complicated. Artists and musicians, scientists and inventors, businessmen and investors create the multibillion intellectual property industry – and much of this money is used for safe storage, sharing and transfer. Blockchain-based project Vaultitude offers an effective solution for protecting all sorts of intellectual property.

The blockchain technology provides lots of opportunities for upgrading the intellectual property. The technology has created the $319.8 billion crypto market – which is a great proof of its security. Blockchain can also be used to minimize protection and management costs of intellectual property. All in all, this technology has already deserved the endorsement of the most influential organizations in the sphere like European Intellectual Property Office or the World Intellectual Property Organization. Director General of WIPO Francis Gurry has expressed general views saying:

“With Blockchain technology the private sector will become an ancillary record keeper.”

Vaultitude believes that blockchain is the game changer for the intellectual property sphere. The company has created a revolutionary solution that can be used for all the types of intellectual property. This browser-based software can be used for multiple purposes: starting from general intellectual property protection and management ending with specific tasks like filling of patents or finding expert help.

The official release of Vaultitude is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018, but the demo version is already available on the official website. While users are taking the first glance at the software, the project has already gained support of the top organizations working in this sphere. The official partnership with WIPO Green and support of other stakeholders help Vaultitude to create the innovative project for the intellectual property industry. The stakeholders have high expectations about the upcoming release. Dr. Richard Brunner, Chief Legal Officer and Global Head of Trademarks  of  Dennmeyer, the world’s leading intellectual property law group, commented on the project:

“The new technology that Vaultitude offers is the basis for a tool that sensibly complements existing options and ensures greater comfort and security for the protection of intellectual property.”

The third quarter of 2018 will be busy time for Vaultitude it has two key events scheduled for it: the release of browser-based software and the Vaultitude ICO. However, the team of the project is ready to face this challenge and already plans the events to support the new stage in the development like featuring Vaultitude on “The Advancements” on CNBC hosted by Ted Danson.

Vaultitude has already become a notable member of the intellectual property community. Dominik Thor, the CEO of the company, is a welcome speaker at major events in the sphere organized by the European Patent Office, European intellectual Property Office, World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization and so on.

Vaultitude is developing the solution that suits all types of intellectual property. The close collaboration with the world leaders in this sphere and blockchain-based nature of the project seem to be the perfect mix for the multibillion industry.

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