XCAD Network Receives Series A Funding via Strategic Partnership with Jump Crypto

December 23rd, 2021 at 11:38 am UTC · 3 min read

XCAD Network Receives Series A Funding via Strategic Partnership with Jump Crypto
Photo: XCAD Network

XCAD Network, the content creator tokenization platform that has YouTubers with a combined following of over 100 million, is pleased to announce they have completed Series A funding from one of Wall Street’s major digital asset players, Jump Crypto.

As well as investing, Jump Crypto will be helping to build XCAD into a top asset in the space, via exchanges, partnerships, further liquidity and more.

Who Is Jump Crypto?

Jump Crypto, headquartered in Chicago, with offices worldwide and 800+ employees, is a global trading firm, active in futures, options and equities markets. Jump Crypto has made similar investments to the one announced today, in many notable projects, such as Chiliz ($CHZ) and Solana ($SOL). They are one of the biggest liquidity providers in the world for the cryptocurrency market.

Jump has emerged as a key player in cryptocurrency space, since the birth of six-year-old digital asset division, Jump Crypto. They offer liquidity to markets, act as a market maker and execute trades for Robinhood Markets Inc.’s customers, as well as other large T1 exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, to which they are heavily connected with.

The Partnership & Investment

Jump Crypto will be adding liquidity to XCAD on current and upcoming exchanges. Extra liquidity enables bigger trades to be placed, both buys and sells, without having as much price impact. This will make XCAD a much more attractive asset to participants in digital assets. Furthermore, Jump will be providing liquidity for XCAD’s fan tokens on any centralized exchanges they may be listed on. Fan tokens can only be listed on exchanges with XCAD Network’s approval via an exchange partnership.

Jump will be focused on expanding XCAD to new audiences within the cryptocurrency space via their strong network of Tier 1 exchanges & partners. The undisclosed investment will provide XCAD with the additional funding to scale and grow. Thanks to this investment, XCAD’s expansion plans have now been expedited, and will be able to scale at a faster pace.

Oliver Bell, CEO and Co-Founder at XCAD Network, said:

XCAD Network Receives Series A Funding via Strategic Partnership with Jump Crypto

“We have the biggest names in YouTube as part of our network and now one of the biggest names in the investment world. We’re very excited to have this backing from Jump Crypto, and believe they will help to shape us into a major player in the crypto space. What they have been able to achieve with other projects is incredible. Hopefully now people will start to see the direction we are heading with XCAD, and we look forward to sharing more important partners with the community soon.”

About XCAD Network

XCAD Network is the first platform of its kind, an online and mobile creator tokenization platform and NFT marketplace for YouTubers and their fans, using fan tokens to increase engagement and connection between fans and creators. Its content creators have an aggregate YouTube following of over 100 million.

XCAD Network is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

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