ZapChain Interview with Jered Kenna, Early Bitcoin Investor and Entrepreneur

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ZapChain Interview with Jered Kenna, Early Bitcoin Investor and Entrepreneur
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Jered Kenna got into bitcoin in 2009, created one of the first bitcoin exchanges, used to own domain name, founded Money & Tech, and more.

ZapChain has recently interviewed Jered Kenna, an early Bitcoin investor and entrepreneur. During the interview, he discusses the ups and downs of operating Mt. Gox’s earliest rival, the projects he is currently dealing with and what life is like in Columbia, his new home.

Jered Kenna is the co-founder and CEO of Money & Tech, the multimedia news company, as well as of the digital currency exchange Tradehill that is based in San Francisco, CA. He is an investor specializing in start-ups and an entrepreneur at heart. Besides, Kenna owns 20Mission, a 41 room community in San Francisco for art and technology creators.

Kenna has an experience of serving in the Marines, he spent significant time in Chile and Afghanistan. During his presence in South America, Kenna encountered the difficulties concerning payment solutions for traders, which served as one of his first inspirations for creating Tradehill. He got into Bitcoin in 2009, created one of the first bitcoin exchanges – Mt. Gox, used to own

In 2010 Kenna erased from his PC 800 Bitcoins that have been worth more than $200,000 at that time. He said he bought his first bunch of digital currency, 5,000 bitcoin, at 20¢ each. Like most enthusiasts, Kenna dismisses the volatility. He said that he won’t disclose his total holdings:

“I’m happy to be considered a member of the Bitcoin millionaires’ club.”

Jered shared a funny story during an interview to Bloomberg in April, 2013:

“I’ve got a friend who forgot he had his computer mining Bitcoins in his garage—he checked and it’s worth about $12 million today. “

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