ZipZap Expands Bitcoin Influence in Europe

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ZipZap Expands Bitcoin Influence in Europe

The leading global cash transaction network ZipZap has gone big announcing that consumers throughout 34 European countries will soon be able to use cash to purchase Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The company allows customers to purchase bitcoin through scores of retail locations in places like the United Kingdom, has announced a major expansion.

The company reports consumers will be able to use its platform to buy cryptocurrency, as well as pay bills in other countries, and a number of other services. At the moment free sign up, free wallet and free deposit services are available on ZipZap.

The news about this expansion comes a short time after the company announced plans to enter the market of Latin America.

CEO of ZipZap, Alan Safahi, explained during the conversation with CoinDesk in April his beliefs for the future of innovative payment services countries with emerging markets and developed economies.

ZipZap mentions it has already made strategic partnerships in European countries in order to facilitate the expansion. The company now accepts cash and bank transfers from such networks as GiroPay, SEPA, SOFORT, iDeal and MisterCash.

However, there have been issues with the payment processors in the past. One of the problems is when the company was forced to close its services in the UK because its payment processor PayPoint said it needed more clarifications on the existing regulations surrounding bitcoin.

Nevertheless, the company was quick enough to find a new partner, PayZone, and resume operations in the country.

“ZipZap has a commitment to simplify and democratise payments worldwide,” mentioned Simon Nahnybida, senior vice president of business development for ZipZap, adding:

“We are now enabling more consumers with the power to easily, safely and securely buy digital currencies at affordable prices using multiple payment options.”

Customers can register online at, select the amount they are willing to buy and the payment option.

“The benefit to consumers is that they will get the best prices while conveniently paying with their preferred method of payment,” added Nahnybida.

ZipZap is not the first company to target over-the-counter transactions. Azteco London-based first bitcoin voucher shop opened earlier this year in the city’s financial district.

Additionally, bitcoin users in Ukraine can now utilise a network of more than 4,900 payment teminals to convert their cash into cryptocurrency all over Ukraine.

The machines, called BNK-24 terminals, also make it available for users to pay utility bills and purchase mobile phone credit. BTCU, that’s behind the service has a commission of 3.5% for each transaction, so far it’s a cheaper and more convenient system.

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