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AAPL Stock Rose 5% Yesterday, Falls 2.65% Today, Apple Testing AR/VR Headset

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by Steve Muchoki · 3 min read
AAPL Stock Rose 5% Yesterday, Falls 2.65% Today, Apple Testing AR/VR Headset
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Apple (AAPL) stock rose by over 5% yesterday but is falling today. The company is testing an AR/VR headset with HTC Vive-like controller that is set to be launched in 2021 or 2022.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock rose by over 5% yesterday, March 26, approximately $12.92 to hit $258.92. As with many other U.S. stocks, Apple stock rebounded strongly after the coronavirus panic sell-off that resulted in the huge fall. The prices retested a once strong resistant zone back in 2018, however, this time it played out as a support level. Investors are optimistic about the company despite the setback on unveiling the much-awaited 5G iPhone 12.

Apple stock has regained half of the lost profits and was looking to retest the all-time high if the current conditions prevail. The current bull rally has hit almost all major U.S. markets, which makes it seem like an effect of speculative trading.

As the trading session started today, AAPL stock started falling. At the moment of writing, it is trading at $251.60 (-2.65%).

It is to be considered that the federal government is planning on injecting $2 trillion into the market, to act as a shield from the coronavirus pandemic. Investors seem to be rushing to reacquire the stock mostly from tech companies that seem promising, hence a bull rally.

However, the coronavirus might be a bigger problem than the federal government’s $2 stimulus package. With the scientist still studying the virus and a possible vaccine likely to be approved in a year, the same investors might rush to sell off the same stocks in fear of losing their money.

If that is the situation, then Apple will have to devise another way to deliver to its customers the 5G devices or risk losing customers to competitors like Samsung that has already unveiled its 5G Samsung Galaxy 20.

Speculations are looming around the mainstream media that Apple might delay the launch of the iPhone 12 set for September or October by months. If that will be the case, then the company will have to tighten the belt as the bears might continue destroying all the gains.

Apple Testing AR/VR Headset, Will AAPL Stock React?

With the technology trending towards virtual reality and augmented reality, Apple has not been left behind in adopting and evolving with it. MacRumors reported that Apple has expressed a lot of interest in augmented reality, and maybe testing AR/VR headset with HTC Vive-like controller.

The blog also highlighted that Apple may be looking forward to launching the AR/VR headset by 2021 or 2022. To support the argument, Apple recently reported that iOS 14 will contain a new augmented reality application called the Gobi. With these developments, game lovers and iPhone enthusiasts are likely to wait until the release, which will increase the demand for the devices. as a result, the shares might enjoy the huge support from customers and investors, if the coronavirus will have been tamed.

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