Advanced Cash Chooses BitPay as Bitcoin Payment Processor

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Advanced Cash Chooses BitPay as Bitcoin Payment Processor
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BitPay signed a deal with online payment solutions provider, Advanced Cash, to offer its bitcoin processing services.

Belize-based electronic payments provider, Advanced Cash, has entered into agreement with BitPay, the globe’s major bitcoin payment processor. The deal will help Advanced Cash to improve its bitcoin services to customers all over the world.

The company provides a wide range of solutions, including e-wallets, virtual MasterCard and Advanced Cash plastic cards. The benefit of using the firm’s cards is that it implies 0% annual fee.

Besides, the website allows users to make money transfers to more than 200 countries globally. The bulk payment feature enables businesses to make mass regular payouts, such as wages, in one batch.

In comparison with traditional bank accounts, the company offers easier and cheaper transfer instruments.

Given the ongoing expansion of the bitcoin industry, Advanced Cash has to offer effective and reliable payment solutions in order to compete with other industry players and satisfy the customer needs.

“We are excited to finally be able to offer our customers an easy and affordable way to fund their e-wallets in Bitcoin and then manage their online funds the way they want. We definitely see a growing demand for this. Advanced Cash is all about giving our clients the most cutting edge tools powered by latest technology available, and here, BitPay solutions are of a great value,” said Yaacov Bitton, the company’s CEO.

Pablo Magro, BitPay’s business development manager in Latin America, said: “Advanced Cash is doing a great job at promoting Bitcoin adoption globally. For Latin America, it is a great use case. As Bitcoin acceptance is developing in the region, it is good for Bitcoin users to have an alternative for using their Bitcoins in places that have not adopted this new form of payment yet. Additionally, with fees as low as 0% to fund an account with Bitcoin, it makes it very competitive and very convenient for money transfers, given that Advanced Cash is available in 200 countries worldwide.”

Having over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, Advanced Cash helps its customers and businesses to stay competitive in the market. The firm is a specialist in payment processing, P2P transfers, B2C affiliate and other services.

Headquartered in Atlanta, the US, BitPay is now the world’s major company, specializing in bitcoin payment processing. Its users are able to make instantaneous transfers with zero transaction fees and without volume limits.

Its offices are located across Europe, North America and South America. The company’s investors include Founders Fund, Horizons Ventures, RRE Ventures, Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and Index Ventures.

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