Meet Advex, a New E-Currency to Digital Currency Exchange Service

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read
Meet Advex, a New E-Currency to Digital Currency Exchange Service
Photo: Egor Pavlovich/Coinspeaker allows each e-currency owner to profitably exchange digital money such as Bitcoin or Litecoin to other electronic currency., an international service that provides an exchange for the huge number of payment systems, has recently announced a new exchange offer to its clients: each e-currency owner can profitably exchange digital money to other electronic currency at the website.

The new feature allows registered clients to exchange Bitcoins to other currency and vice versa with minimal fees. That is a great opportunity for clients since the procedures are well established and there are absolutely no risks.

The service offer instant and reliable Bitcoin withdrawal to debit and credit cards of popular banks. The whole process of a Bitcoin transaction does not take long, besides, a client will be able to save money on commission costs.

According to the company’s website, guarantees safety to the customers, since all transactions and all user data is transmitted only through SSL secured connection that provides maximum protection a customer’s information. Besides, the service is dealing with the maximum number of available payment systems and banks, so a customer has a huge choice of the exchange direction.

According to the representatives if the, Bitcoin exchange is very popular among their customers. There is no doubt that Bitcoin market is very speculative, the currency rate is constantly changing.

Nevertheless, many investors prefer to use Bitcoin because of the familiar advantages it offers. representatives consider that in future the digital currency will stabilize and begin to grow steadily upward.

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